Must Read: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw Naija Guy ‘Season 2 (18+)… Part 3

A Story Written By MoneySoldier…
I was left with two options but one decision to make, whatever it was, I hope it was the right choice I made. Not like I bought Joel’s idea but I still felt it was better, the P now was how to face them, I had doubt in me, countless number of times I ll always ask myself, if eventually I summon little courage to man up for my mistakes, how do I even start, several times I come to the conclusion to squash it, cos its a difficult thing to do. Goddddd, my mum was the only thing I was thinking of, she is the closest person in the world to me, there are secrets myself and my mum share that my Dad doesn’t know of till date. When Mumcy caught me with Esther in the house after she warned me to stop seeing her, even after seeing where I hid this girl in my wardrobe, she kept it secret and never told my Dad till date; She doesn’t even know I take alcohol let alone smoke weed, nothing you tell her to make her believe. There was this day at home, I was hanging out with friends drinking at a local bar not too far from my house, a friend to my mum saw me, called my mum that she saw me not too long drinking, that she saw lots of beer bottles on our table(in the your pikin dey enjoy manner), when I got home that day, what she told me was
“Mrs Okoje called me and said she saw you drinking at Calabar Village, I told her to clean her eyes well that my son doesn’t take alcohol, people won’t mind their business, Amebo (Gossip) woman,
I was shocked, this woman had 100% trust for me, she didn’t even ask if I was truly at the bar or not, she was sure of what she believed in, she loved me with everything, most quarels I had with my Dad happened when my mum wasn’t around, and whenever she came back and asked why it happened, I ll always tell her
“Mumcy if you where around, it wouldn’t ve happened, you know naw”
And she ll be like
“I know”
Our connection was mad, if you where to be by my side when speak with my mum on the phone, you would think I am talking to my girlfriend,
“Babe howfar nah, I don miss my Babe nah, so I say make I call my girlfriend, my number 1 iyawo, Chei Sweety, my love”
That’s how I talk to her, Maale go just dey laugh, she ll keep laughing till we are done talking, we are incredibly close, I don’t ask things from my Dad, I ll tell my mum then she tells my Dad, and its part of the reason I know how to speak her native dialet better than my Dads cos we ve been close since childhood, but My Dad?, lmfao Choi, the man no dey smile ooo, nah Grammaterian, to the extent whenever we talk am always in my best behaviour, come see as I go dey speak british English wey I no sabi, and I calculate the grammar before I speak am cos if I do mistake, Popcy go correct me, so whenever am home I hardly talk to him, I could be in the sitting room with my Dad for hours and not say anything, and if I stay that long, just know its a football match we are watching, cos its boring watching a football match alone, aside that, I watch the rest things in my room,
“Oohh ooo, Ayegbeni pass the ball to Martins nah”
That’s the kind of discussions we ve, but Mumcy, My Queen, I tell her everything, she go even tell me amongst all my flock of Ladies I mingle with the one she likes the most and feel ll make a good wife, but ll still tell me, she ll accept any woman I bring home as wife.
Our closeness was off the hook, then please tell me how do I place my mouth when I want to break the news to them?, she ll be soooo hurt, cos many times when we talk on the phone, she always told me about her friends asking her when I ll be graduating, and she always told them I was in my 300 level to be graduating the following year, I know say I Bleep up die, as in pieces, but whatever that has happened in my life, was for a reason, I know I brought everything upon myself, though a young naïve boy, that carried the load of things bigger than him on his small shoulders that led to his downfall but I wasn’t ready to allow this downfall be the end of my life.

With Joel’s encouragement and advice, I was able to make up my mind a little about the face-off, I kept asking this guy,
“But guy, how I wan take start, Imagine my Mum to know say I don reach the extent of even carrying gun say I wan go snie person, you know the height?, something wey I almost do, Cheii, I am finished, so make I tell them that one too?”
“Them go respect you more for am, and you gats make them know say you don change, ask them for forgiveness say you don learn your lessons, I know its not easy, but you just gats try, tell them everything” he said,
“See as you dey talk am like say e easy” I said,
“Guy, see enh, anything wey make you tell them say you wan see them, trust me you go talk, nah to start be the koko, once you start, the rest no go be issue”
I had to reason with Joel cos he was making sense to me, I finally made up my mind, that whatever it takes, I ll try, though still wasn’t sure. I stayed in his place for 2 weeks plus, then made the decision to go home, exams in Delsu was over, I wanted to go home like I came for the break, all these while, my phone had been off, fear no gree me cos I knew lots of peeps where trying to reach me, I just called my peeps telling them I lost my phone, more money, I needed some clothes. They sent me enough doe, which I used in getting clothes, cos phones where a lil still expensive then. Joel helped me with a bag, I changed the case of my phone to a different colour to make it look like I got a new phone, gathered the necessarry things I needed, got to Ohonba Line, that wasn’t too far from Uwasota Junction, and headed straight home to Lasgidi.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 16, 2017 — 9:13 pm

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