Must Read: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw Naija Guy ‘Season 2 (18+)… Part 4

A Story Written By MoneySoldier…

I bought a new sim card, took just Salma, Chizzy, Cynthia and Susan’s number and condemned the old sim with the rest numbers, that of my Parents wasn’t a P cos I had theirs upstairs, I wanted to be out of reach, I couldn’t trust anyone, even after transferring these ladies numbers, I called none of them, I didn’t care if they were worried, pulling myself together was more important to me, I needed to get settled, then maybe, just maybe I might ve their time.
I journeyed home, my Mum so excited to see her son. Whenever I was about to travel home for any break I always told my mum before hand, the reason was, she would always prepare my favourite dish, Egusi soup and Semo or Eba, she doesn’t fail, all I needed do was just freshen up then go to the dinning to meet my favourite food already set waiting for me to devour it, she would serve this meal the way she would to my Dad, sometimes if my Dad were to be around there, he ll be like,
” Sometimes I wonder who this woman is marrying, whether its me or you”
Trust me this one aint a joke, I know when my Dad is joking and when he is serious, Jealousy written all over his face like an intruder is trying to steal his wife, ‘reason is cos we aint close, and whenever am around, Mumcy spends more time with me gisting, joking and laughing, sometimes when my Dad comes out and meet us, he ll be like,
“What are you people even laughing and discussing about everytime, nah una know” and then walks away,
It wasn’t my fault that we weren’t close, he didn’t give me the chance to while I was growing up, he was so damn strict, so I grew up being very scared of him, just that I am a very stubborn kid on my own, I got use to the strictness that it become nothing to me, no be koboko wey I don dey chop from small? Mtheeeew, the only time I can remember my mum touched me, was when I hid a girl in my wardrobe, a dirty slap, till date, but if were to be my Dad, CHINEKE!!!, the house ll turn up side down that day, but in all it made me more stubborn and fearless, that was why I had the mind to do the crazy things I did in Delsu, so to what end? Why the strictness?, It is now I understand what being strict does, it makes you live a life of pretence, cos when I got into the higher institution I wanted to explore everything I didn’t ve the chance of doing at home, how does a good kid walk up to a cult and says he wants to join?, not like I was threatened to be part of any fraternity, I willingly asked to be bammed, I explored ladies to the fullest, drank alcohol like crazy, smoked cigarette, smoked weed, but when I go visit my Parents, I still act like that innocent kid they ve always known, My Dad’s strictness led to my Pretence, if he had drawn me close like my mum did, I would ve been a better kid, all I ever did while growing up was use my Mum’s closeness to console myself, the strictness was so much that I can’t just wake up, pick my phone and call my Dad, if I dial his number, know its his birthday, I sometimes even forget to wish him a happy birthday, its that bad, my mum ll then call me,
“Nwachukwu, do you know your Dad is upset with you?, how come you didn’t wish him a happy birthday?”
This ll be happening a day after and he ll pick a quarel with me from there, its not my fault, just that he never crossed his mind to ask me why I ve never ever forgotten my Mums birthday, the answer to that is crystal clear, but all the same everything ve learnt and been through has made me a better man today.
I sat on the dinning, devouring my meal, as she looked and smiled at me,
“How’s the food?” She asked,
“E make sense die” I replied
She laughed and asked
“Gist me naw, how’s school?” 
Immediately my conscience began to prick me, how ll this woman take this news, I was asking myself, I was having a rethink about the whole thing, I just managed to reply
“Maale school make brain, you know I just came in, make I relax, I ll gist you” I replied,
It was better not to say anything, than make her feel good then she gets to hear a heart breaking news later; very understanding woman, she felt I must be tired after a long journey,
“Enjoy your meal and rest naw, we ll talk later” she said.
After eating I ran into my room, pretending to be sleeping but was reasoning very deep, but the earlier I confronted them with the issue, the better, cos I don’t wanna lie to my Mum, I can’t excape gisting with her, it was a normal thing to us, and she doesn’t deserve me avoiding her, it was a friday, so I felt saturday was a good day to spill the beans, but only if I could tell them I got something important to discuss with them the next day, then use the whole night to think of how to go about it, at least doing that would be a good start, believe me these moments were the hardest moments of my life.
It took me the whole night, after the pain and tears, cos I know I was about to hurt them, I heard my room door opened earlier, it was my Dad calling my name, probably just to say welcome, but I didn’t answer (was in deep thoughts pretending to be asleep), late at night, like around 10pm, when I knew they ll both be in the sitting room probably watching t.v, after I had made up my mind, knowing finally it won’t kill me, I stood up from my bed, wiped my tears off, went to the bathroom to wash my face, wiped my face with my towel, came out, took a deep breath and then stepped into the sitting room, just as I had thought there were both sitted watching a movie,
“Daddy good evening sir” I greeted, I was seeing him for the first time since I arrived,
“How’s your trip, I checked on you before, but you were sleeping, so I decided to let you rest” he said,
“Yes sir, I was sir, the journey was fine Sir” I said
Believe me I was melting where I stood, the thoughts of narrating those gross scenes and miserable stories before them looked so impossible, I was like,
“God, can I do this?” I was asking myself
I didn’t want to sit cos definitely, the questions about school ll start rolling in, so I managed to say this
“Daddy I just wanted to greet you, am tired and want to sleep”
Turned back and was walking down back to my room as I heard him reply
“Ok, goodnight”
My courage failed me, I hadn’t the mind to even tell them I had something to tell them tomorrow, i went into my room and then leaned with my back against the door as i closed it from behind, I sat on the ground, back against the door, it was soooo hard, really hard, the tears started rolling again, cos I knew they ll be so disappointed, after a while I got hold of myself, went to the bathroom to wash my face again, cleaned my face with a towel, came out, slapped myself severally to psyche myself up and after lots of slap, I forced myself out again to the sitting room where they sat, without wasting time, I said,
“Mumcy, Dad, I ve something very important to tell you people, but it wouldn’t be this night” 
“Hope its something good?” My mum anxiously asked
I didn’t answer, at least I just climbed one step,
” Maale, it is something we ll all ve to sit down and discuss like a family” I said shaking,
“Ok, tomorrow night when I get back” my Dad fired back,
Finally I did it, it was so hard, now they ll be waiting for whatever it was I ve to tell them, only if they knew how the things they ll hear the next day ll break their hearts in pieces.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 16, 2017 — 9:18 pm

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