Must Read: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw Naija Guy ‘Season 2 (18+)… Part 5

A Story Written By MoneySoldier…



I ve always heard that familiar proverb, that
“The journey of a thousand miles starts from a step”
I finally took a step into a miserable journey I had been trying to embark on, a journey of great storm, tornado as critical as it comes, a journey of broken hearts, all I needed do was pray I was on the right sail, journeying on the right ship which Joel was my captain, since I knew if I were left on my own, Heaven knows I wouldn’t ve thought about this journey let alone climb on this ship.
I was awake all night, how can I sleep?, when I had the craziest task to carry out on saturday night, I even wished saturday didn’t come, I was busy all through the night talking to Joel on Xtra Cool as it was called then, he was the only guy on my contact list, I was telling him how difficult the task seemed to me,
“Shey you don tell them say you wan see them?, the earlier the better oooo” he asked,
“See as you dey even dey talk am like say e easy, I don tell them that one, and I dey regret like this, if to say I never tell them, I swear I for lock up completely” I replied angrily,
We spoke at length as he kept hitting the issue on the head as a hammer would to a nail, giving me reasons why this decision was the best, why they needed to know, that though a tough one, but no one else ll give me the help I needed to go through all that agony and pain tearing me apart inside,
“Bro no matter what happens, your child ll forever remain your child no matter his sins, the respect wey them go get for you ennh, no be here, do you know what it is to man up for your actions?” Joel said that
If it weren’t for this guy, I think I wouldn’t ve gone that far, I don’t know how he did it, some peeps are just inspirational talkers, I guess its his gift, me wey stubborn die, I was as calm as the morning breeze listening to this guy lecture me, and I was buying everything he was saying, finally with his creativity, he was able to instill in me that mindset of never turning back, after that night call I was filled with enough zeal and courage to face my parents and face the outcome, it would put an end to my crying and sleepless nights, at least I ll know the peeps that truly loves me ll accept me for whatever mistake I ve made in life, one thing in this life is certain, once in a while you might doubt the love of a girlfriend/ boyfriend, but there’s this particular love you ll never doubt, its the love of the ones that brought you to life, cos at the end its the same blood, little wonder there’s never a place like home, this love is guaranteed.
We spoke all through the night till 4.30am, this guy’s words, made me strong and courageous, finally I began to look forward to face them and get it over with. I caught some sleep afterwards, my cries were over I thought in my small mind. I woke that morning, trying to be my usual self, finally I was looking forward to facing them at night, ready to tell them the truth and nothing but the truth.
Through out the day, Mumcy kept asking me what was so important I had to tell them with huge smiles on her face, she wanted me to share a lil insight, within me, I was like
‘Who no know, no know be that ooo, I wonder if you ll be smiling like this after I tell her’
“Mumcy we go talk am for night, I ll tell you and Popcy at night”
“Nwachukwu, so you mean you won’t give me small expo, after you ll say am your girlfriend” she said,
That got me emotional, but all I could do was give her a fake laugh.
I don’t know if it was just me, the time was running very fast on this particular day, before I knew it, it was 12 noon, before I could say Jack, it was 6pm, my heart and the time became lovers, walking alongside holding hands, the faster the time read, the faster my heart beat. At about 8pm, my Dad was home, dinner was served, as we ate together, the questions began rolling in,
“Nwachukwu so what is it you said you wanted to tell me and your Mum yesterday?” My Dad asked,
My heart flew,
“Daddy please after we ve eaten, I can’t do it now” I replied,
“Seriously, you are beginning to scare me oooo” My mum said fearfully,
The pressure started mounting on me again,
“Was it not me that said I had something to tell you people?, I will nah” I said arrogantly but in a calm way,
So they freed me. After my meal, I went to freshen up, as I was bathing, I was rehearsing, word after word, how to start when I face them, I kept doing that till I was through bathing and dressing up, a boxers and a singlet, stood in the middle of the room to encourage myself first, called Joel briefly, telling him It was about to go down, he gave me a few words of encouragement, which psyched me up, then I took a bold step, stepped into the living room where my Parents sat waiting for me.
I took a sit, my Dad sitting in his favourite corner, my Mum sitted not to far from him, like they ve been suspecting it wasn’t an ordinary thing I wanted to say, they ve been seeing the signs, he took the t.v remote which layed by his side, stretched his hand out and switched it off.
Damn!, everywhere was quiet like a beach at night, except for the noise the waves ll make rumbling in my heart as I trembled before them,
I just noticed my rehearsals didn’t work cos I sincerely didn’t know how to start, and just as I was trying to force a word out, tears started rolling down my eyes.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 17, 2017 — 9:30 pm

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