Must Read: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw Naija Guy ‘Season 2 (18+)… Part 8

A Story Written By MoneySoldier…


To be sincere, the fact that my peeps weren’t talking to me, wasn’t helping matters, I layed on my bed on this faithful saturday morning, feeling depressed and sad, for the shame I ve cost myself and my peeps, thinking if they ll ever forgive me when suddenly, my door swung open, my Dad standing at the entrance, as I heard him say
“Come to the Palour, I want to talk to you” he said, closed the door and left,
I was frightened cos he hasn’t spoken to me for close to 2 months plus, same with my mum, but I wouldn’t blame them for that. Though frightened I was eager to know what it was, I came out, both of them were sitted waiting for me, in my mind I was like,
“Abeg make una no lash me again, God please let it not be something bad” as I prayed within me,
“Come and sit down” My Dad said,
I was panting, fear of the unknown, different thoughts were running through my mind, 
‘Make e no be say dem wan send me out of the house, cos am worth that punishment’ I was only taking a wild guess though,
So I sat down humbly, 
“Goodmorning Ma, good morning Sir” I greeted,
And for the first time in a long while they answered, oh My God, I had never been so relieved before, I can’t even describe how I felt, the feeling was unexplanable, I felt peace deep down inside me, as my blood flowed freely in my veins, just then I realised it was going to be something good, then my Dad started,
“Nwachukwu, do you know are our only Son?, as in our only hope?” He asked,
“Daddy I know Sir”
“You are suppose to know where you are coming from, from where you are going to, why are you in a hurry in life?, you ve really hurt us, you broke my heart, do you know that?” He asked,
“Am sincerely sorry sir” I said,
“Its not a matter of you being sorry, cos it has happened, I didn’t call you here to remind you of the shame, pain and disappointment you ve brought upon myself and your Mum here, but to tell what we ve agreed to do” he said,
I was panting, waiting for it to come,
“Nomatter what it is, you still my blood, we are giving you another chance but the last, to go to school again, cos I don’t like the questions people ask, learn from these mistakes ooo, learn, learn oooo, you ve lots of things to tell your kids, we forgive you” he said,
When I heard this part, I swear I cried, not for my pains, mistakes and regrets, it was tears of Joy, to be accepted and loved again, this was the turning of the beginning of a new relationship between Father and son, that didn’t exist before, ever since till date, there’s not a man on earth I respect more than my Dad, the quarels between us ended, my confessions drew us close like a magnet, that man is my Pal today, we chat like friends,
“Wipe your tears” he said,
My mum was quiet listening,
“You are going to Bariga to stay (Bairiga is a place in Lagos, my Dad’s younger Sister resides there), you ll stay there and take another Jamb, choose Absu(Abia State University), I want you to school in my state and know your Fathers place, don’t get surprised ve never been to my Dads villa before, they told me I was 2years old the last they took me there, so that one doesn’t count. I ve a friend working in the school that ll make your admission easy, anyone that askes of you, we ll tell them you ve gone back” he said,
At this point, I was the happiest man on earth to see my peeps stand solidly behind me, and cover up for me, it was a wonderful feeling,
“Its ok, just forget what has happened, but right now, right here, you ll ve to make us a promise never to pick up that life again” he said
“Daddy, am not silly, I don’t need a seer to tell me, am a changed person already, am done with that life, I promise you people” I said
“Its left to you, cos this is your last chance, after this, I ll disown you, cos its better than not having a son at all, than you spoil my name, don’t you know you are my only eye, if you know howmuch I love you, you wouldn’t hurt me, you want people to laugh at me?” my Dad said about to cry
“Daddy I swear I Promise, I promise” I said,
“Ok oooo, arrange your things, I want you to leave here tomorrow, I called them that you are coming” he said,
I went to my Mum, knelt down, begged and told her I was sorry, begged on till she said it with her mouth that she has forgiven me.
“Another thing, stay away from women oooo, stay away from women, mind the friends you keep” my mum added,
I thanked them, filled with great Joy, and new reason to live, nothing feels better than acceptance even with your flaws and mistakes, I got to my room, didn’t waste time at all, I just started arranging my stuffs, looking forward to the next day.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 19, 2017 — 1:51 pm

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  1. Great story bro
    I’m really enjoying it

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