Must Read: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw Naija Guy ‘Season 2 (18+)… Part 9

Written by MoneySoldier…
I was the happiest man on earth that saturday morning, cos I had regain part of my life that was lost before and this life was my family, there was no greater Joy, I didn’t know what led to their decision even if it took them a long while, I was just lucky cos on a second thought if I had other siblings let’s face it they wouldn’t ve reasoned my matter, but all thesame to God be the glory.
I can’t really say what led to the kinda life I lived in Delsu, I was a brilliant and vibrant boy whose parents brought up well, I ve always been bright since my Primary school days, was Head Boy both in Primary and Secondary School, even at my Passing out of Secondary School I was awarded Most Gifted student, cos I was good in virtually everything, Arts (singing, drawing anod Painting), Sports (Table tennis, long jump and high jump,as well as the Captain of my school football team), I no sabi run sha and I no sabi dance, but I could do the rest, at the last Inter House sports before I left Secondary school, two teachers fought for me, exchanged punches, just to ve me belong to their house and at the end of everything I was told to choose which house I wanted to belong to, I was that good, both in education and social activities, but on getting to Delsu, cultism couldn’t make me keep up with the pace of school activities, sincerely speaking this so called brilliant boy was struggling on a 2.1 gp, not like I wasn’t smart or brilliant anymore, but I had little time for my studies, little time to rehearse, cos Music was all about constant rehearsals, I was more involved and soaked in cult activities, trying to meet up with every little meeting, always wanting to be current, when its safe to be in school and when not to be in school, the only Kushmen that brag about cultism being the real deal is that Kushman that didn’t face a real war all his time in school, cos if you do, then you ll know howmuch tension you ll be in, that kind of situation where everyone around you is a suspect, that time when you walk alone on the road with the fear of not getting lynched by an opposing frat, those wey face real war survive am go tell you as e be. 
I had a close friend that schooled in Ekpoma, a system man who got killed after writing his final exams, died in the arms of his girlfriend, he was shot, for those wey feel say Cultism make brain, wait till you face real war, make you see men dey hunt to take your life, then you go know as e dey go, I ve seen many crazy things in my life, that ll make many pee in their pants, many that’s difficult to say, all the same we thank God for the life.
I was given a second chance to put things right and live a better life, I hope I do it right cos I didn’t even know what was waiting for me in Absu. I was bright through out the day, called Joel and gave him the latest gist, he was happy for me,
“I talk am, shey I tell you make you no think am, I know wetin I dey yarn when I tell you make you tell them, shey you don see am now?” He asked,
“I swear you get mouth, I don even dey reason say you don scatter my life sef” I said as he laughed out,
For the first time in months, I slept peacefully, my mind was soooooo at rest. The next day, Sunday morning, I was the first to wake up and get prepared, cos even me sef don tire, I wan run comot from area, cos I no dey gree come out, cos of shame, not like people around know but i was tired of hearing people ask me if I was still around and hasn’t gone back to school, at least leaving my hood ll put an end to that and kill peoples curiosity.
After arranging my bag, I went to the sitting room to join My Parents, I was ready as early as 8am that morning,
“I ve told them you are coming and ve explained things to them, make sure you don’t go there and start telling them you left school cos of cultism, I told them they discovered your admission was fake after getting to 300level that your name was in the class register but not in the school register, that it was a fake admission, they felt bad about it, make sure you don’t go there and tell them something else” My Dad annalysed,
“Ok sir” I replied,
“I ll send money from time to time, I ll also send you money for the Jamb form, You ll ve to choose Abia state as your centre cos I want you to go Aunty Peace’s place in Aba to write it, I don’t want you in Lagos” he said,
“Ok sir” I replied,
“Go there and be yourself, if I hear anything, that you did this or that, its over oooo” he said,
“Daddy trust me” I replied,
“Ok oooo” he said,
“Nwachukwu, be yourself there ooo, and forget about women for now” Mumcy said,
“Maale ve heard” I replied,
After the sermon, he gave me ten thousand naira, as they bade me farewell.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 20, 2017 — 3:22 pm

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