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“To copy this tune press 11, a very tiny feminine voice came up, I guess its that stupid Mtn Staff that do tell people they have insufficient balance. I So much hate that girl, and why did I hate her? Well that’s story for another day.
Tracy picked the call few seconds after the stupid staff Spits her Memorized poem.
Hello dear, Tracy voice out from the other end.
Me; Hello, am now in town.
Tracy; “screams Wowwwww” Park or Where ?
Me; Park
Tracy; I we be with you shortly.
Me; Alright, Black Jean, Red Top
Tracy; Okay, but can you stand very close to the road, so that I can easily spot you.
Me; its no problem, I reply her before dropping the call..

Let me quickly brief you about Tracy, I bump into her profile Three weeks ago on Facebook, I sent her a friend request instantly because the endowment she put on display wow me.. Waist; 36 Hips; 32 Bosom 42 and her Age 22, I think I am 98% sure with this my prediction. Like she was waiting for my request its not up to five minutes before she accept my request.
Luckily for me she message first that night, Hi Handsome was what she sent that night, I reply her with Hello Mermaid.. She reply with Frown emotion, the thought that filled my mind that very moment was guy you bleep up big time,Well God is still on my side after another ten minutes she sent another message asking if the mermaid I called her was a Compliment or insult.. I sharply reply, I dare not insult you, you are goddess, I shower her with a lot of sweet words and sweet names, we get along real quick, before I realized we have been chatting for more than two hours, well let me cut the long story short, Its been two weeks now that I added Tracy, on Friday of the third week she shocked me when she invited me to come over to her place in Akure, wont disclose the address for security reasons.. we had planned on how everything is goan be, she told me to come the following week Friday which happen to be the fourth week.. could not sleep the day she invited me to come over to her place, someone I am not even dating am just too happy that night because this is the type of lady I have been long throating for,, friend with Benefit in the making I guess but nah its turn out to be friend with gangbangfit..
How ??
Sit Back and Read.

Now have let you have some insight about Who Tracy is. Back to park I was still wandering on the road when a black car pull up in front of me.. the tinted glass go down slowly.. at first I thought my eye is deceiving me but no, nothing is wrong with my eye, right in front of me is Tracy..  I was thinking in ma head so this girl get car, when she shouted at me, telling me to hop in, its just five minutes drive from the park to her house.. the house was a very big one , I did not bother to ask if she stay in the building alone since I did not see any other occupant except her and more so that’s not my mission here, but what got me suspecting her was the raunchy pictures of hers and some other girls hung on the wall.. we keep Chatting till late in the night around ten when another three girls show up their faces look familiar with some of the girls in the raunchy picture I saw in the sitting room earlier..
We exchanged pleasantries while Tracy leads me to where I guess its her room, immediately those girls came around along two cup of wine, that was the last scene I remember only to wake up the following day and meet my self in the midst of the four girls unclad with a flaccid D!ck, so this girls fvck me Sha, is this even Fork or Molest, because am not conscious when the action was taken place.

I thought that was all not until one them woke up too, no greeting nothing nothing she headed for my Joystick instead she insert it in her mouth as if it her toothbrush, if its that I am too weak to resist her or I want to feel how the adventure of fvcking four girls we feels like, this babe was still giving me Mouth action when others wakes too, my groan wake them I guess, they all took their turn to fvck me, oh Sorry to Molest me..
Was held Hostage for three more days, during that three days stay this girl drug me every morning and the routine is eat fvck eat fvck, they did not even let me step out of the room.. that was how my Ojukokoro got me Molest by Tracy and her goons…

Moral Lesson: Don’t travel to meet anybody You meet on social media At their home, Hotel or Public places are far better for security reasons.. Had it been I told Tracy to come meet me at a hotel that Shtt wouldn’t have happen to me..

The End

Updated: Oct 24, 2016 — 7:46 pm

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