A Story written by Abdullahi

They are all in elated spirits.
“I will join you at the Sheraton in three hours time. I have to
honour this very important invitation to a business dinner at the
Lagoon Restaurant on Victoria Island. You know Victoria
“Of course. Have you forgotten that I grew up here and followed
my parents to all the bus stops in Lagos, begging for survival.”
“Oh, Hadiyat. Those were the days of wretchedness. Thank God
the nightmares are over. See how Providence has changed our
lives and made us better,” Sule says.
Mama John gives him an illustrative look indicating that she
wants to leave.
But Jelili is not in a hurry to leave, because he has not better to
do and he prefers to even pass the night in the cozy office since
it is like a palace when compared to the makeshift shack under
the flyover at Stadium bus stop.
Sule and Tunde exchange glances of tacit knowledge of what to
do for Mama John and Jelili. And Sule opens one of the drawers
of his desk. He brings out some cash. Notes of naira. He counts
up to three thousand naira. Then, he gives Mama John two
thousand naira and gives Jelili the remainder.
“Oga lawyer, my kind son. God will bless you,” Mama John
thanks Sule gratefully.
“Oga Sule, thank you. I trust you,” Jelili says in appreciation,
bowing slightly. “Oga Tunde. No shaking. You are correct fine-
fine.” Jelili adds.
Tunde calls Abigail and tells her to switch off all the electrical
supplies and lock up before going home. “See you on Monday.”
Sule and Tunde see their visitors to the gate of the office. Mama
John and Jelili leave. Hadiyat and her child feel reluctant to
leave Sule.
“Halimat, my angel. Don’t worry. I will soon be back and I will
join you later,” Sule says confidently as he and Tunde escort
them to their car. A saloon car. And they wave as Hadiyat
drives off with her daughter.
“What a day!” Tunde exclaims and sighs.

To Be Continued…

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