Must Read: Daughter Of A Beggar… Part 11


A Story written by Abdullahi…

“Tunde, let’s go. It’s already 7.30 pm. We should get to the
Lagoon before 8 pm,” says Sule.
“I am ready,” Tunde says.
“Let’s go,” says Sule.
They enter Sule’s saloon car and are about to drive away, when
a short fat man in overall comes to them.
“Oga Tunde, good evening,” he greets.
“Is it now that you are coming?” Tunde asks in Yoruba.
“Oga, there was a lot of work. In fact, I have not even finished.
But, I decided to rush to collect your car,” the man replies in
“Here’s the key. Just do a better job this time. Don’t make me
think you want to frustrate me to abandon the car, so that you
can sell it,” says Tunde giving a key to the short fat man.
Sule nods at the man and drives off without wasting time.
Sule is at home. He is in his pajamas and bathroom slippers. He
is in his living room reading a document.
The living room is well furnished with modern furniture and
electronic products. It is well decorated and ventilated.
“Dear,” calls a pretty young woman in a nightgown and
bathroom slippers. She is tall. But not as tall as Sule though.
She is black and beautiful.
Sule looks up to regard her.
“How do you want your egg?”
“Boiled,” Sule replies.
“Okay,” she nods and returns to the kitchen through a passage.
Sule admires her. “Some are born beautiful and others are born
ugly.” He appreciates the natural beauty of Funmilola. She
makes his weekends wonderful. And he is already making plans
to go and see her family and ask for their blessings to marry
her. But, the sudden appearance of Hadiyat frightens him.
Because, Hadiyat seems to be interested in formalizing their
relationship. And their love child, Halimat is her joker. After the
dinner at the Lagoon, he and Tunde went to the Sheraton to see
them. And Tunde soon left. Hadiyat soon puts Halimat to bed
and then stripped stark Unclad before him in all her beauty. The
sight of her awesome Unclad body made him lose his
composure and as she undressed him, he couldn’t resist her.
And he did not leave her till this morning. He is still trying to
recover from the Intimate bout. And he wants to keep it a secret
from Funmilola.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 14, 2016 — 2:16 pm

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