A Story written by Abdullahi…

“When a woman hooks your heart, only God can save your
soul,” says Tunde.
“Tunde, I will be coming back home to see how you are faring.
And I trust you anyway. So, I am not worried at all. In fact, we
should open an office in Paris where you can always come to
assist me.”
Tunde gives Sule his full support.
“My younger brother should take over my flat and give him
maintenance allowance every month end. I will always stay
there any time I come home.”
Sule lies to Funmilola that he is going on a working visit to
“And when are you coming back?”
“Next week.”
She shrugs and wishes him well. She has nothing much to lose,
if she loses him. Life goes on.
Sule and Hadiyat are happily married in Paris with four children.
Including Halimat, the oldest.
Funmilola is also happily marred to the second son of Otunba
Okoya Thomas and their wedding made headlines in Lagos and
the photo album of the wedding has been published in Ovation ,
also known as “ Dele Momodu’s Photo Album ” of the stinking
rich and famous in Nigeria.
Tunde is now very famous as the head of the law firm with an
international office…


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