Must Read: Daughter Of A Beggar… Part 4


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Sule brings out wads of currency notes of the Naira and cleverly
begins to spin Hadiyat and she succumbs naively. She is
enticed and ensnared as he promises her so many things to
make her life comfortable
“Not that I don’t like you Sule. But, I am already betrothed to
“Assam? Who is Assam? A driver or conductor or is it one of my
boys? And I will kill him.”
“No. Assam is not here. He is in our homeland.”
“In Niger?”
“So, you don’t want to marry me? I? Sule, the son of the king of
Lagos. So, you don’t know that I am a Prince in Isale Eko. I am
just doing all these motor park work to monitor my business.
Let me tell you a secret.
I am the owner of ten buses and two taxicabs running all over
“True? Kai Hadiyat, do you doubt me? Wait until I take you to
the palace to introduce you to the king. And you will see how the
king and my people will welcome you like a princess. Because, if
you marry a Prince, you become a Princess immediately.”
“But, I cannot marry an infidel. I must marry a Moslem. That is
the Islamic law.”
“Hadiyat, I am also a Moslem. Sule is a Moslem name.”
“Lie! You are not a Moslem. You can’t even recite a verse from
the Quoran.”
“Suleiman is my real name. I am from a Moslem family. In fact,
I am going to go to Mecca next year.”
“Yes. I am going to Mecca. And if you agree to marry me, you
will follow me to Mecca.”
“I can never lie in the name of Allah.”
“Oh, Sule. I will tell my parents the good news.”
Sule begins to caress her and she makes feeble protestations.
But, she succumbs under his pressure and he makes love to
“Oh, my Hajia Hadiyat. So, you are still a virgin. Oh, so delicate
and so sweet. Hadiyat, I love you and I will take you to Mecca.”
“Sule. I am afraid of what my parents will do if they find out.”
Hadiyat is moaning and groaning in–between sobs.
“Who will tell them? You?”
“Oh, Sule.”
“Hadiyat, my love. Don’t be afraid. I will take care of you.”

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 10, 2016 — 7:51 pm

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