Must Read: Daughter Of A Beggar… Part 8


A Story written by Abdullahi

How the
past comes to haunt the present. And our past life never leaves
us totally. He only hopes Hadiyat has come in peace. And by her
comfortable appearance, all seems to be well with her and the
child with her. Tunde knows without being told that the child is
Sule’s love child. The whole scenario amuses him. It is like a
climax in a romantic movie. He winks at Sule.
“Sule,” Hadiyat calls his name whisperingly.
The child looks up.
Sule is overwhelmed by the truth staring at him in the face.
Hadiyat, the daughter of the beggar under the flyover at the
National Stadium. The nymph of his street life. The muse of his
lust. The reveries of the memories envelop him and he becomes
immersed in the pool of the nostalgia. It is unbelievable that he
will see Hadiyat again after seven years. He remembers vividly
that evening of their departure from the stadium bus stop. How
he could not even say goodbye to Hadiyat, because he did not
really feel any emotional attachment to her. The night he made
love to her was like on e of his wet dreams. H e saw the
opportunity and took it like a fast hawk pouncing on a chick. It
was just one of his numerous flings with several girls on the
street. Hadiyat happens to be an Arab who fulfilled his fantasy
to sleep with an “oyinbo” girl. All black boys fantasize on how it
would feel like making love to a white girl in contrast to sleeping
with their own black girls. And he only did it for the thrill of it and
to boast about his conquest to his peers. That “Sule has slept
with a white girl”. It’s a big deal to them. So, he did it and
walked tall over it. He never bargained for the sudden
reappearance of his victim. Thank God he did not Molest her.
“Hadiyat? Am I dreaming or seeing things? Can this be
possible?” Sule says and comes closer to regard her and is fully
convinced beyond all doubts that she is Hadiyat with his child.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 13, 2016 — 1:46 am

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