A Story written by Uanda…

Junior: you nor go pick you call?
Deji: oh boy forget that one joor.
Junior: i guess na one of your babe?
Deji: na one hit and run asss licker like that the babe no wan free me.
Junior: blacklist her number na if you nor wan her again.
Deji: na so i go do.
Deji and Junior continue their discussion till night, at around after eight when Junior is sleeping Deji tiptoed out of the room to ease himself, he tiptoed because he dont want to disturb Junior sleep.
He was outside looking for where to ease himself, he dont know where their toilet is so he decided to do it fast fast on the back of one room, as he took down his zip and want to urinate he heard from his back.
“we dont urinate there oh”
Deji: oh am sorry i dont know where to do it.
“is that deji?”
Deji: yes.

“oh sorry i guess your friends forgot to show you around”.
Deji: shalom is that you?
Shalom: yes oh you wan bless my backyard abi?
Deji: hahahaha i was looking for where to urinate i see known.
Shalom: so this place is the only cool spot you see?
Deji: sorry about that.
Shalom: oh well do it quick and fast.
Deji: really?
Shalom: sure and dont forget to ask you friend tommorrow where t ease yourself.
Deji: okay thanks.
Deji unzip his trouser and wanted to bring out his Joystick but he saw shalom still starring.
Shalom: what are you shy? (she said as she focus on his down side starring from her window).
Deji: not really.
He unzip and bring out his long mantle to ease himself but when shalom saw the heavy mass of destruction she shouted “Oh My God”.

To Be Continued…

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