Must Read: Deji The Pool Boy (16+)… Part 12


A Story written by Uanda…

Deji: whats that?
Shalom: you mean only you get this thing.
Deji: hehehehe.
Shalom: how your girlfriend they manage?
Deji: lol who told you i have a girl?
Shalom: i dont need to be told but of course i know you will pretend
single as usual because thats what you guys always say.
Deji: hmmmm it seems you have alot of experience. (he said as he zip
his trouser back).
Shalom: alot that i cant even count.
Deji: hmmmm okay, what ae you doing inside?
Shalom: nothing just playing games with my phone.
Deji: can i come and join you?
Shalom: no na its late its time to sleep self so bye.
Deji: alright ma, can i at least get your contact?
Shalom: sure
she wrote her number on a piece of paper and hand it to Deji through
the window and tell him goodnight as she lock her window, Deji feeling
high walk back to his room and lock the door, inside the room with
Junior still sleeping he took his phone and store shalom number, then
he sent a message to her.
“hi dear thanks for giving me your number”
within seconds shalom reply him.
“okay dear no problem hope you get home safely?”
Deji replied.
“lol why not? Seems like you dont feel like sleeping”.
Shalom replied.
“just feel bored”.
Deji replied.
“and you still dont want me to come?”
shalom replied.
“goodnight dear time to sleep”.
Deji replied.
“dream about me”.
Shalom replied,
“sure i cant forget your Joystick na lol”.
Deji replied,
“lol please dont”.
That was the last because she never replied Deji again till later
around 11pm in the night, Deji was still browsing when a test enter
his phone.
“please come to my room i still cant sleep”.
Lol i guess Deji’s Joystick is giving her nightmare.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 1, 2016 — 9:17 am

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