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Must Read: Deji The Pool Boy (16+)… Part 13


A Story written by Uanda…

Deji quickly took his phone and tiptoed out of the room again without
any slight notice from his friend Junior who is already in dreamworld
soaking garri, he went straight to Shaloms’s room and knock on the
“who is there?” Shalom asked with low tones.
“is me dear”. He replied with low tone too.
Shalom open the door and Deji enter inside the room, after Shalom lock
the door she turn Deji to face her and quickly pounce on him, who
would reject a big Asss like Shalom? And the transparent night gown
she wore quickly send stimulus to Dejis vain.
They lock in kiss and start smocking each other as if they have been
dieing for it or i guess they are.
Shalom quickly grab Deji’s long Joystick and start rubbing it while they
continue kissing still standing like rock,
“i have been dying for this” shalom said with low tone.
Deji grab her Asss and press it tight to himself.
“i have been dying for this too” Deji replied.
She bend down and remove his trouser sharp sharp and start sucking his
Joystick, deji was enjoying it as he rub her head in pleasure opening his
mouth as if he want manner from heaven, Shalom suck him so hard that
he lose control and took the babe to her table and open her leg wide,
the girl didnt put on anything under so he just bend down and start
sucking her, Shalom was saying “yah suck me well dear, hmmmmm am
enjoying this”.
He suck her for three minutes till he stand up and position his Joystick
and enter inside the wide well without condom, as he put his dicck the
girl shouted so loud that even their neigbhour would have heard them.
“take it easy with your big Joystick please” Shalom muttered.
Deji started striking gently, he didnt put all his dicck insie becus
its long and he dont want to injure the girl, he was fuccking her so
well that Shalom sleep flat on the table and start licking her tongue
in pleasure begging Deji not to stop, of course Deji keep on going and
even increase his space from10 to x20, after ten minutes of table
fuccking, he took her to bed and lay on her again, Shalom raise her
two legs up while Deji enter her like maddog, this time Deji was going
faster that the girl started breathing as if she want to die, he Fork
her for good 30minutes before he release on her tummy, then he lay on
her and sleep.
“this is the best S£x i have ever had” she said as she enter dreamworld.

To Be Continued…

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