Must Read: Deji The Pool Boy (16+)… Part 14


A Story written by Uanda…

Early in the morning Deji and Junior was seen getting ready to go for
interview and they started conversing.
Deji: oh boy how this interview go be like na?
Junior: i nor know they just said we should come like that with our pen.
Deji: hmmmm you sure we nor go write application letter?
Junior: no, no letter just paper and biro.
Deji: okay oh i hope we dont waste our resources for nothing oh.
Junior: i hope so too, by the way where you go last night?
Deji: go as in?
Junior: i wakeup around 11:30 i nor see you but door open.
Deji: i go do something (deji said opening his thirtytwo).
Junior: dont tell me u went out to play the card?
Deji: wetin else i go go do na?
Junior: na wa for you oh, how the river be na?
Deji: oh boy e they sleepery oh just like erosion.
Junior: hahahaha i know say that police man don scatter that side tey tey.
Deji: na so na.
Junior: i hope you use condom sha?
Deji: for where i nor see condom i play the card like that oh.
Junior: whaaaat you wan give her belle?
Deji: nah i didnt release inside her oh (they finish ready and started going).
Junior: even though you nor release inside her you need to go do test
because na public toilet she be oh.
Deji: oh boy na true oh i go go do test oh.
Junior: you better oh.
They stop Bus and they both getin, after five minutes they came down
and start tracing the building.
Deji: you sure na here be the place because i nor see any upstair
building here oh.
Junior: na here them say make we come oh, wait make i call the guy again.
He took his phone and call the person for five minutes.
Junior: him say make we wait for FRSC office him they come pick us.
Deji: alright see Frsc for front make we waka reach there.
They walk to FRSC office and wait at the front.
Deji: oh boy you sure them they stand for here so?
Junior: you see any sign like keep walking?
Deji: i nor see oh.
Junior: then no problem na.
They wait for ten minutes before a guy with jeans trouser and coperate
shirt came and pick them up, the way the guy tuckin self e be like say
na oil company him they work lol

To Be Continued…

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