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Must Read: Deji The Pool Boy (16+)… Part 15


A Story written by Uanda…

He took them to a hidden building, the house is upstair and the number
of people there can even scare someone, so many people like 50 and
they are even dress in coperate wear as if they are bankers, the
person took them to the top and they register their name on the
register list and he took them to a room containing like 20 people all
seated as if they are teaching them something, oh yeah they are
because there is a blackboard and the lady hold chalk seems like shes
writting something, Deji and Junior sat at the back close to the wall
and open their ear wide listening to what the mysterious lady is
teaching them, the lady is very sharp because as she teach she also
ask questions also, everybody was furious to know what the job is all
about but she never mentioned it, she was just moving in circel
talking about Dangote and other rich men that took the bull by the
horn she even said education is not compulsory in life that u dont
need to be educated before you become prosper, she talk about many
thngs, she draw a ladder on the board and start explaining them one
by one from the bottom to the top, the lady really knows her onions
because she do really know how to teach, they remain there from 9 to
4pm this idiot never still tell them wetin the job be, na there people
provoke and start leaving one by one, the worst thing is that two
people stand at the door telling the guys leaving to be patient that
she would soon round up, they almost fight self because they dont want
them to leave, after 30 minutes more the girl roundup and another guy
come to the stage and they start introducing themself one by one and
talk about how the company has help them, is around five they told
them that its a multi million company and they are specialize on
making hair cream, soap and all. Na there everybody begin leave one by
one because everybody don know say na GNLD, as Deji standup and start
leaving he makeup his mind that he will slap anybody that stop him but
apparently none of them stop them again, Deji and junior walk home
angrily and drop on their bed to sleep like dead men.

To Be Continued…

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