A Story written by Uanda…

All alone at home in Mushin not knowing what to do or where else to
go, i believe lily’s husband will be in the hospital now i pray he die
in the hospital because if he survive that means the end of me is near
(Deji was thinking loud inside his apartment).
He taught about going to Ogun state to stay with his parents for now
till everything calm down, if he go out he will be caught by police
because the security man called the police before he escape the
He pitied lily too because she will be dealt with seriously for what
she caused, and Deji thank God she dont know his house, and also he
use wrong address when writting the application letter so he have
nothing to fear, he will just stay indoor throughout this week then
the next he will go to Ogun state and start looking for work there
afterall Ogun and Lagos are brothers he can even stay in Ogun and be
working in Lagos so far he has transport and the pay is cool.
Deji was bored at home he was thinking about going to the brothel but
he knew that its dangerous because the police will be looking for him
everywhere, the best he can do now is to stay indoor till next week
when everywhere is calm.
Deji was lost on his thought when he heard the sound of his phone,
even the ringtone of the phone shock him that his heart almost jump to
his heart, he calm and look at the phone, he saw makoun on the phone
and he pick it up at once.
“makoun how far”
“guy i they oh wetin happen wey police find you come my house na?
Makoun question Deji.
“Omo yawa do gas”
“wetin happen” makoun ask.
Deji: oboy i don enter one chance.
Makoun: talk na wetin happen, why police they look for you?
Deji: Oga catch us na.
Makoun: you dont mean it.
Deji: am serious guy, he caught us red handed and collapse at once.
Makoun: oh boy na trouble you they oh because the way police take
enter my house eh, i hope you nor they house sha because them go don
enter there tey tey.
Deji: i they house oh them nor know my house na abi you cast me.
Makoun: i nor know wetin happen na so i have to tell them where you stay.
Deji: chai i don die.
Deji quickly cut the call and started arranging his things no time for
many things he just took the important ones and leave the rest, he ran
out of his house with the speed of light, as he left his house he look
back and saw some guys wearing police uniform going to his apartment,
he thank his guard and vanish out of site.

To Be Continued…

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