A Story written by Uanda…

When Deji get to Iyana-opaja he took another bus going to Sangoota in Ogun State, when getting to Agbado he called his friend Junior to get ready that hes getting to Agbado.
The bus was moving fast unlike the other one that was moving like snail, within ten minutes they land in Agbado Junction, Deji came down with his i fear ground trouser and his blue shirt, he came down and called Junior.
Deji: guy how far i don come down na.
Junior: abeg wait for me for Stanbic bank wey they by your left.
Deji: stanbic bank no they my left oh.
Junior: waka enter the street na by your left you go see stanbic bank, wait for me for the front i they road they come.
Deji: okay no wahala fast abeg.
Deji cut the call and walk few step before seeing the bank, he wait at the front of the bank looking at people walking about. He waited for good five minutes before Junior came to pick him up, he and junior took machine to one street called agba the street look very dirty. He followed Junior to his one room apartment, the room is not too bad, just carpet and other minor stuff, but a graduate shouldn’t be leaving at this kind place.
Junior: guy na here i they manage oh and you go follow me manage am oh.
Deji: oh boy na enjoy you they here oh.
Junior: hahaha se wetin you they talk for this kind manage wey i they manage na him be enjoy.
Deji: your own better pass my own na.
Junior: but wait oh, wey your property na?
Deji: ha i sell them na.
Junior: why na?
Deji: oh boy i nor get anything property joor all those one na

managing things, how far about your work?
Junior: well e get one wey i see for airport.
Deji: na how the work be na?
Junior: i never know oh them say make we come for screening tomorrow.
Deji: chai i for no follow so abi e too late?
Junior: not at all you can still join because we havent summit application letter yet.
Deji: thank God oh, to work for airport na big money oh.
Junior: yes oh make we just pray say them carry us becuase people go many well well.
Deji: na unto prayer tins oh.
Junior: na so na.
Deji: make we they prepare for tomorrow abeg i dey hungry oh.
Junior: wait make i buy indomie come make we cook.
Deji: na God go bless you.

To Be Continued…

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