A Story written by Uanda…

Deji was alone in the room starring at the wallpapers, he stand up from the bed to get some fresh air, he was really happy that they will be going for interview tomorrow though he dont know the details about the Job but he believe since its Airport the pay will oustanding or so he thought.
Viewing the surrounding of the compound his eyes caught something very important, as he stand at their dormouth to view the face me and face you apartment he saw a girl with short skirt and singlet fetching water from well, the way she bend can make someone almost see her pant and this one she back Deji so and give him clear view make his long Joystick to start rising without any alteration, he haven’t seen her face but her Buttocks alone make Deji wanna fucck her now now, He decided to play little game who knows he might get lucky.
He close the door and walk to where she stand fetching water, he think of what to say but he cant really remember anything now, it seems like hes in a trauma and all his toasting skill has disappear instantly.
“hello dear” deji muttered when getting close to her.
Girl: good evening sir.
Deji: errm am sorry for disturbing you i just came here newly and I saw you from afar i just taught i can chat up cause am kinda lonely been in that room alone.
Girl: oh you mean you are new that nice welcome to our small london.
Deji: small london as in?
Girl: is just the name we call this our area.
Deji: hahaha thats funny by the way am Deji whats your name?
Girl: you can call me shalom.
Deji: nice name for a beautiful damsel.
Shalom: thanks if you will excuse me now i have to go.
Deji: alright dear i hope i will see you soon?
Shalom: sure thing this is our area.
Deji: okay ma which room is yours.
Shalom: the one with 2b on the door.
Deji: okay will check you out later bye.
Shalom: no problem bye.
She took her water and hed to her room and yes he was able to view her Asss very well and the Asss is sure to take first

To Be Continued…

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