Must Read: Diana Loves To Be Naughty… Part 22

He was taking me to cloud 9! my legs were feeling weak, I was almost dropping to the floor, but Bayo took my other leg and placed it over his shoulder as well. so it was like he was carrying me but my back was against the wall, he’s a strong guy though.

A hard push from the other side of the door, brought us back to reality.

“hey, who’s there!?” it was a male voice- Peter’s.

Bayo let me down gently but quickly and got up to his feet.

“we’ll continue later” he said and gave me. quick kiss. I could tell that he didn’t want it to end, I could see it in his eyes.

“yea, of course”. I replied, trying to hide my disappointment.

Bayo got the cigarette pack and I quickly fixed myself up and opened the door to see Peter and Tosin.

“so rude”, I said sarcastically as I walked past them, Bayo behind me. Tosin chuckled.

We went to the verandah and Bayo and I had a stick each. it was night time. we were walking around the house when we passed by Peter’s bedroom window. We could hear Tosin moaning, almost like she was crying. damn, she sounded so good.

” wow, she’s got a good ringtone”. I said to Bayo, who only nodded in agreement. He was listening so hard, almost like my voice was distracting him. lol.

I pulled him by the hand away from the window.

“what now!” he said, as he laughed.

“ashewo,let’s go.the next thing now would be for you to peep”.

” peep ke, and old man like me”.

we went back inside to the living room which was dimly lit, only source of light was the TV.

Bayo held my hand and pulled me to him. “can we continue now?”. He didn’t wait for a response and kissed me. His breath was all tobacco….and mine too.

with locked lips, we made our way to a couch and Bayo sat on it, and me on his legs. I positioned my coochie on his crotch, he was getting really hard. I started to grind on his hard Joystick in which was in a pair of beach shorts, his hands came down to my as.s, pressing me down harder against him. I pushed me coochie down harder, yet slowly but he wasn’t having it , he just wanted to fuc.k me already.

Bayo raised me up a bit so he could get a chance to pull his shorts and underwear down just enough to expose his dic.k. All I needed to do was push my panties aside and…..

his d.ick was inside of me, my tight slippery hole. I started to grind on his his hands on my bare as.s, squeezing and pressing me down harder. he thrust his hips to allow his go in as far as it could.! my was getting the adequate stimulation it needed cos I wasn’t just bouncing on his dic.k, I was grinding on it.

Bayo was moaning and it turned me on even more. I increase the tempo and him faster and harder until I felt my muscles begin to tighten.

“baby I’m cuming” I cried.

“Pour for me Diana, I wanna Pour with you”. Bayo groaned.

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Updated: May 5, 2018 — 5:42 pm

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