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“Alright, I’ve heard you. Now what drink are you taking?”

“If you heard me you wouldn’t still be trying to buy me drinks”, I said with a smile on my face.

“Just take it as a warm gift to a stranger that came to calabar for his first time”, she teased.
I wanted to tell her I wasn’t taking any, that I was headed to the bank to get some money and head home.

But I didn’t.

“If you insist, any red wine will do”.

She waved at the attendant, handed a bunch of keys to her and spoke to her in her native dialect. 
The attendant left. I noticed she didn’t go to the bar, but rather, went outside towards the second bungalow in the guest house. She came in later with a bottle of La Roija.
She opened it swiftly with the wine opener as if this was what she does for a living. She poured into two glasses and offered me one.

“Honestly, I can’t finish this cow tail, do you mind joining me?”

“No qualms”, she answered as she took her first sip.
After the food, she lighted another cigarette and offered me one.

“No, I don’t smoke”, I said calmly.

“I know”, she said, “and I’m surprised you haven’t complained or asked me to stop yet”.

“How did you know?”, I asked.

“Its not rocket science. Smokers are addicted to cigarette, and an addict can’t resist the act he or she is addicted to. The first thing you would have done when you came over here was to pick one and light”.

I didn’t really understand the hypothesis she was explaining, but one thing caught my attention,

-An addict can’t resist the act he or she is addicted to-

Is that the problem with me? Am I addicted to se–x so much that I can’t resist it?

“Are you not worried about your possible addiction to cigarettes?” I asked.

“Nope. I have tried stopping it in the past, but I couldn’t. You can’t fight a higher power. The best thing to do is to embrace it and pray it doesn’t kill you”.

Now this sounds more frightening! She was talking of cigarettes, but I was thinking of my possible addiction to se–x. How do I embrace s–e-xx? Go on a rampage and f–u-c—k’k any girl that comes my way? That’s the surest way to die, I thought to myself.

“If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger”, she concluded.

-wow, s–e-xx addiction doesn’t give you a second option; if it doesn’t kill you, it messes up your life-

Well, I have tried living in denial for some time now, I might as well try the margaret hypothesis, ’embrace it and pray it doesn’t kill you’.

-Wouldn’t it be nice to try out that hypothesis on no other one that the girl that proposed it- 

That same voice again!

The red wine was almost finished. I have been chatting with margaret for almost two hours. She was sweet and easy going. I stood from my seat and joined her at the sofa. She adjusted herself to make room for me. I sat beside her as she took the last sip of her drink. She puffed some smoke on my face and laughed out.

“I could teach you how to smoke if you so desire”, she said.

“I can only smoke if its coming out from your lips”, I said, trying to warm my way in.

“Seriously?”, she asked.
“For real, try me”.
She drew some smoke from the cigarette, held the smoke in her mouth and beckoned on me. I moved closer, place my lips on her mouth and she exhaled the smoke into my mouth. It was not a pleasant experience, but I calmly allowed the smoke to pass through, I puffed them out, and started kissing her. Margaret was a passionate kisser, she kissed and sucked my tongue for a long time. 
I still had my room keys, and the hotel receptionist was not yet back.
I was about to ask her to come into my room when she whispered into my ear.

“I have some more bottles of Roija in my room, you can join me or stay here and turn to a second-hand smoker”. She teased as she stood up with her keys.

“You are lodged here?”, I asked.

“Lodged? My dad owns this guest house, and I have a permanent room in the second building”, she said as she pointed in the direction of the second bungalow, where the attendant brought the Roija from.

I stood up as she held my hand and led the way to her room. One thing was missing. . .


To Be Continued…

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