Must Read: Diary Of A Sexx Addict (18+)… Part 11


A Story written by MaziOmenuko…

There was something striking about margaret. She was intelligent and has an strong aura of confidence. She doesn’t strike me as a confused lost girl who was just experimenting on stuffs she see on tv. I like confident girls, I like bold girls that knows what they want and goes for it.
There was something negative that comes with over confidence; margaret was a control freak! She loves being in charge.

I followed her to her room, which was one of the rooms at the guest house. It was the last room in the block and was close to the citrus plantation. I felt she had put some extra decoration in the room to make it look more feminine.

She headed straight to the bathroom and asked me to make myself comfortable.
“There is wine on the fridge”, she beckoned from the bathroom.

I opened her fridge, there were drinks there; can beer, red wine, and some fruits. I didn’t feel like drinking anymore, so I took a bottled water and lied down on the bed. She join me later on, lied down beside me and placed her hand on me chest. She caressed me chest, I moved closer to kiss her, but she moved her head away and smiled.

“Shhh. . .”, she said as she gently moved my cloth upwards and slipped her hand inside. She rubbed my chest as her hand found my Tip. The feel of her touch was gently stirring a strong wave of passion deep inside me. I moved my hand towards her, but she stopped it half way.

“Shhh. . .” She said again.

She knelt down on the bed and pulled my clothes up and removed them. She kissed me lightly on the lips, then deeply with her tongues, caressing my chest and Tips the same time. I was burning up with passion. She moved her lips to my Tip and started teasing it, she was doing it so skillfully with a certain degree of precision, she knew what she was doing, she’s damn good!

She lifted her head, looked at me and smiled as she started removing her cloth. I leaned forward as I tried to help her remove them but she hushed me again. She pulled away and removed her jean trousers and returned back to her position. She unbuckled my belt, I adjusted as she pulled down and removed my trousers. She glanced at the big bulge showing on my boxers and smiled.
I wondered what the smile was about. Is she impressed or disappointed? Why do I even care, I need to get some grooves on and screw this girl.

No condoms!

I remembered the receptionist and her offer of free condoms that I declined. I haven’t seen the receptionist today, and I don’t know if the offer still holds, afterall, my rent has officially expired.
But margaret is the boss, she could arrange something.

The soft pull on my d–i-ckk brought my mind back, she was squeezing it softly and steadily. It was driving me crazy. She parted my boxers slightly and held my d–ckk in her hands. The warm feeling sent some excitement down my spine.


I can’t take this any more. I held her shoulders lightly but she removed my hands. . .

“Shhh. . .”

She continued squeezing my d–ckk softly, moving her hands up and down over the shaft. She kept teasing my Tip with her tongue, and tikling my d–kk. The sensation was unbearable, I couldn’t stand it anymore. She reached out and unhooked her bra wiggled her b-re’a’st closely in my face. I tried to reach for them, but she moved them away. She lifted her head up and squeezed her Bosom softly. Now its clear she was trying to torment me. Its obvious she was loves being in charge and to dictate the pace. I wasn’t used to girls being in charge during s–e-xx, that was my area of expertise, I love dictating the pace and tone of my love making. I love being in charge when my subject screams and moans. I love keeping a cool head when my subject is pinching the pillow, dragging bed sheets and twisting her neck front backwards and forward.
But here I am, doing the exact same things a love seeing in my subjects while my tormentor kept a cool head and plays me like a toy.
She reached out again and caressed my di–c-kk. She held it in her hands and rubbed the tip gently. I moved my hips upwards in reflex, the muscles of my d–c-kk jerked, like I was going to release but nothing came out. She rubbed it again and same thing happened. My heart was beating fast and I couldn’t think straight. I reached out and held her br–ea–st as I leaned upwards to suck them. She resisted me gently, pushed away my head lightly, I held on with my hands. She doesn’t have a right to torment me this way. I needed her badly now. I felt my d–c-ck will burst open if I don’t get some action.

“Just say it”, she whispered into my ears. “Tell me how much you want me now”.

Isn’t it enough that she is tormenting me, now she wants me to beg. I had no choice, if that’s what it will take. . .

“I want you now”.

“Say please. . .”

What! Now its obvious she’s not just a control freak, but a manipulator. But she was damn Sekxy.

“Please I want you now”. I said as I leaped forward to suck the bre–as-t, she pushed me down again.

“Shhh. . ., not so fast”.
She pulled down her pants and ran her hand through her pubic hairs. She squeezed her nippl–le–s and gradually inserted her forefinger into her c–u-n-t. Her gaze was focused on me as she did the squeezing, her actions were driving me crazy.
I gave up.
“Please, I need you now”.
She smiled, stood up from the bed and walked away from me. . .

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 29, 2016 — 7:54 pm

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