A Story written by MaziOmenuko…

Don’t tell me she’s going to leave me to hang here high and dry.-

Now this is extreme. Is she possessed? I’ll be damned if she walks out on me like that!

She gradually strolled to her drawers, opened one of them and brought out a roll of condoms.

-Now you are talking-

I reached out to grab the condoms but she seized them, brought them with her as she climbed back to the bed.

-why is she so possessive-

“Say it again”, she said kneeling over me.
“I want you now”

She bent her head and kissed me. Grabbed my d–c’kk again and stroked it sweetly. It was so hard that it started to pain me lightly. She tore open a condom, held its tip against the tip of my d–c’kk with one hand, and smoothly slide it down the shaft of my di—c-k with the second had; she was good at this.

Still kneeling on the bed, she crossed her legs against mine, spreading her laps in the process. She bent a little, like she was trying to kiss me, lifted her hips up a little, forming a small curve at her back. She grabbed my d–c’kk, placed it at the entrance of her c–u-n-t and gradually let down her hips until my di–c-k was totally swallowed up in what lies beneath those laps.
I felt a warm sensation all over my d–c’kk and seams the sensation was evenly transfered to all parts of my body. She moved her hips smoothly forward and backward. The movement was slow and well calculated. She used her knee to support and dictate the movement while her hips did a little twist and turn on the process. Gradually and consistently, she increased the pace of the movement; forward, backward, up, down in a the same order as if she was practicing a well revised pattern, while her hips did the twists and turns simultaneously.

I reached out to grab her waist and she met my hand halfway with hers, moved them over my head and pined them on the bed while leaning forward on the process. This provided a new angle as she wined her waist against my di–c-k. I felt helpless, the br–e-a-st was close to my face, but she made sure it was beyond my reach anytime I try to reach for it with my tongue.
Suddenly, the turning and wining became intense. She moved faster and seemed to have ignored the well patterned movements. She let go of my arms and started squeezing her br-e-a–st as she leaps and lands on my d–c’kk.s
She let out small moans on the process and the sight of her squeezing her Bosom as it bounces up and down did it for me. I felt all the stored up pressure move swiftly to the tip of my d’i–ckk. I tried to hold it further, but the violent movement of the hips as it strokes my d-i-c’k was more than I could control. She moaned softly as she rested her hands on my chest, leaned forward and did some fast and swift movement with her hips on my d–kk. It was so swift that she must have completed 12 cycles in 3 seconds. I reached out, grabbed her waist, she was so engrossed with her orgas–m that she didn’t bother to remove my arms. I held the hips in a steady position and moved my waist downwards and upwards with all the strength I could muster. She wanted to move, but my firm grip made her helpless, I thrust in and out and made sure my di–c-k went all in during the upward movement. She kept her hand on my chest as I keep hitting the walls of her c-u–nt, I noticed she looked helpless and that gave me a feel of satisfaction.
I tried to hit from an angle so as to maintain contact with the ‘Gee’ spot. This made her to cringe and let out loud moans. I maintained this angle for a few more thrust, she screamed out loud and clim-axed again. Soon afterwards, I came so strongly that I started feeling a slight headache;D


She lay on my arms and slept off. I checked the time and it was already 3:15pm.

This new turn of events is quite suiting. Few hours ago, I was determined to rush home and abandon the calabar carnival. Now, everything seemed to be so perfect that I felt I could stay back. What the heck, if margaret’s parents own this guest house, then there’s a possibility that I can stay here and witness the carnival I came for in the first place.

I glanced at Margaret, she was sleeping peacefully. I still needed money and a new set of cloth. I wouldn’t want to be a liability to her, so I will get extra cash from the bank, just in case I was to retain my previous room. Her life style does not strike me as the type that keeps a relationship for long, so I was going to grab all I could get and head home peacefully.

I slept off.

My phone rang, it was my girlfriend.
“Hi babe, what’s up?”
“I’m fine, she replied. What’s happening, you didn’t call me again”,
“I’m sorry, I’ve had low battery all through the day”.

-bloody liar!-

We spent a long time discussing and later hung up. The discussion must have woken Margaret up. She stroked the hairs in my chest, looked up at me and said,

“You are a good f–c’kk”.

She spoke like she did the f-c’kking. She really is a control freak.
She reached for her fridge, brought out two canned stout and offered me one. She opened another drawer and brought out a pack of cigarette and lighted one. She came back to bed and rested her head on my shoulders as she light the cigarette. She drew in the cigarette so hard that I felt she was going to catch fire. Just one puff and the entire room was so filled with smoke.

We started making light discussions.
It was obvious we were going to get tired of the light talk, and she was going to ask some questions that may lead to me explaining yesterday’s event so I decided to be the one asking the questions.

“Are you a student?” I asked, hoping to start the line of conversation of “which school, “what course”, “what level” bla bla bla but the laughter that met my question was alarming.

Margaret burst out with a loud laugh that left me wondering what it was she was laughing about. She spilled some drink on the bed as she tried hard to stop herself from choking on the smoke that was now rushing out through her mouth and nostrils.
She kept on laughing loud that I had to look around to check if there was something happening around us that I wasn’t aware of.

“I’m sorry”, she said still trying hard to control the laughter but not succeeding in her attempt.
She calmed down later.

“Why were you laughing”

“Your question was funny, don’t you think so?”

“What’s funny about my question. Are you too young or too old to be a student?”, I asked.

“You ask as if emon didn’t tell you about me already”.


My first instinct was to lie, but I waved it aside. She was so sure of what she was saying that lying would make me look like a fool.

How did she know emon told me about her? Is emon that predictable? Is there something I’m missing here.

“She also told you I was a s–l-u—t didn’t she?”

If I had any intention of lying to her, it all disappeared now.

To Be Continued…

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