Must Read: Diary Of A Sexx Addict (18+)… Part 14


A Story written by MaziOmenuko…


Lawd have mercy!

What have I gotten myself into? When I thought this whole drama was over, now this new twist!


Now it made more sense. This was a genuine reason for Emon to be bitter with Margaret. So they were lovers, and then something went wrong and she’s yet to forgive her lover.

Margaret was still staring at me with those cold eyes that almost scared me. There was something in her eyes: Regret. Sadness. Something I couldn’t really decode.

Then she said slowly,

“I still love her”.

There was tears in her eyes.

“I still love her like my life depended on it. Not one day had gone that I don’t regret loosing her”. She continued.

“She was the best thing that happened to me”.

Her tears touched my heart, and somehow, managed to turn me on. I shifted to hide the bulge now in my boxers. I felt ashamed of myself, getting turned on while someone was trying to bare her heart.

She was still Unclad, and her ni.’Ppl-es stared at me boldly;D

She must have noticed what was going on in my mind, she stood up, wore her pants and bra, and joined me at the bed again.

“You see, I and emon dated for almost a year. Before then, we were best of friends. We were so close at secondary school that people called us twins”.

She continued, the tears still filled her eyes.

“We promised to be best friends forever. I sacrificed a lot to keep the friendship going. Like opting for arts even when my parents wanted my to do sciences. I did it to remain at the same class with emon”.

“Things changed when she got admitted into theatre arts department of unical, and I couldn’t get admission that year. The relationship lost its pace and she hardly had time for me again”.

“But I worked hard and got admitted into same department the next year. We sort of rekindled our innocent friendship. And from there, one thing led to another and we became tight again, more than we were at secondary school”.

“So, how did you guys started being intimate?”, I had to ask her. That was what I was dying to hear. Not the light talks and preambles.

“I initiated it”. She said.

– I knew it, control freak –

“I felt we connected on a whole lot levels than just friendship. So one night, after our SUG night while we had a lot to drink, I made the move”.

– How, common, stop breaking the gist –

I kept silent as she continued.

“After showering, we both wore light see through bikinis and lied on the bed. The apple smell of her shampoo covered the room, she was and had always been beautiful. We faced each other and was trying to sleep, but I was staring at her. She opened her eyes and caught me staring at her, she smiled and ask why I was staring instead of sleeping”.

“The night gown did very little to cover her brea-s-t, it was just begging to be grabbed and sucked. I couldn’t resist it, coupled with the fact that I felt attached to Emon, I went for it”.

She stopped to light another cigarette. I couldn’t wait to hear the remaining part of the story. I remained calm while she dragged and puffed on her smoke.

“You see, emon has a good heart, she hates hurting people’s feeling and would go extra mile just to please you”.

-yea, I know, please save the chitchats and continue with the story- I dare not say that out loud.

I was seeing a new Margaret, a sober Margaret. I have not see her in this kind of mood before. It was clear that the separation pained her deeply and that she was still in love with Emon.

“I moved closer to her, and could smell the apple shampoo, I started caressing her br-ea’st softly and slowly. Her nip-p’les was hard suddenly, and her breathing became irregular. She opened her eyes and looked at me, they were lovely eyes filled with passion. I bent over and kissed her lips softly. She didn’t respond, rather, she asked in a husky voice what I was trying to do”.

Don’t pause, please.

She was staring at open space while she told her tale. The ashes from the cigarette fell on the bed, she didn’t care about that. I could tell she was having a sober reflection.

“In response to her question, I smiled and told her she’s adorable. She smiled back and murmured something about trying to sleep. I told her to let me cuddle her and make her sleep better. She didn’t respond, so I drew closer to her and started cuddling her bre’a’st. The nip’p’les where so hard and I started teasing them with my tongue. I moved my hands to her butto.cks and caressed it. I could hear her moan softly, she didn’t hesitate when I raised her undies up, kissed and teased her tommy with my tongue, she parted her legs invitingly. I kissed and teased her thighs, it was driving her crazy already. She was moving her hips up and down in anticipation, she held me tightly on my back, then moved her hands to my head and pushed it lightly towards the centre of her well spread thighs. I moved my hands softly and parted her pubic hairs. Her clit was very easy to locate, it was already swollen, ripe and ready to be plucked. . . .”

She paused.

Her cigarette had completely burned out without her actually smoking it. She threw it into the can to meet other sister stubs.

I kept clam and prayed silently for her to continue, she didn’t.

The bulge in my boxers was very obvious now. Her story turned me on and made me feel horny. But the sober look on her face was enough to discourage any advances I might want to make, at least not for now.

“After that day, we continued our intimate affairs. It became a norm for us, yet Emon never agreed to an exclusive dating. She didn’t even accept that she was a lesbian. She insisted she was just experimenting on it and that she can’t imagine settling for that kind of lifestyle. It hurt me so much”.

“She was already into a relationship with a guy, but I wanted her to myself”.

– Typical over-possessive tendencies –

“I started planning on how to own her. I wanted her to accept the lifestyle and ignore guys”.

“I started by trying to kiss her in public, hold her by the waist whenever we are together, sending her love text and even started to hint to our other friends that we were dating each other. I was hoping they would carry the rumor around campus so her boyfriend could leave her for me. It didn’t work”.

“Then after getting frustrated that all my efforts at getting her exclusively wasn’t working, I did something extreme, something that I am not proud of. Something I regretted doing”.

She stopped and looked up at me, I could see the tears more vividly now. She wiped them off with the back of her palms and looked down on her legs like there was something hanging there. She shook her head slightly as I remain calm and patiently waiting for her to finish her story. The tension made me loose my urge for S£x as I felt my d’i–ckk shrink.

“I was selfish, I wish I didn’t do what I did”, she continued, “I made a very stupid mistake, something that cost me the love of my life. It cost me Emon and the love we shared”.

“What was it”, I asked, not willing to remain silent while all my senses are aching for answers.

“I recorded a video of our lovemaking session, I planned to show it to his boyfriend”.

“What?”, I shouted.

“That was not the major problem. Somehow, someone got the video from my phone and before I knew what was happening, the video went viral and every Unical student had it”.

To Be Continued….

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Updated: Nov 30, 2016 — 8:43 pm

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