Must Read: Diary Of A Sexx Addict (18+)… Part 4


A Story written by MaziOmenuko…

Screaming emon’s name and ending the call was all a reflex reaction. It startled flox as she stood on the bed and stared at me.

“What’s wrong?”, she asked. “What happened to emon, is she ok? What was the text all about. . .”

She kept on and on.
I just sat on the bed and wondered how on earth she could find out what I just did. I looked up on all corners of the room to check if there are hidden security cameras.

Could this be real? Did emon text me to inform me she knew what I just did?
I couldn’t remember giving her my number, its only ibieme that has my number.
If emon collected my number from his brother, then there’s a high posibility that she must have told him what I did.
And how could she sound so cool after knowing what I just did with flox?
Disappointed? Is that all she feels? I might be addicted to S£x, but I still have a soft spot and a conscience to go with it. I don’t have the right to hurt her that way, if she truly was hurt.
But a lot of things don’t add up. And I decided to head down to the stadium and find some answers.

“Dress up, I don’t want your aunt to see us like this”

“But you didn’t answer any of my questions, what happened to emon?”

“Nothing, I’m heading to the stadium. Get dressed and let’s go”.

“I’m not going” she replied.

“Then I need directions to the stadium” I said, rather angrily.

“trek to the junction, take a bus to mary-slesor round about, then another bus going to 11/11, stop at millennium park and trek to the stadium”

-wow, that’s another way of telling me to get lost, because I will literary get lost-

“I don’t know all these. . .”

“Then take a drop to stadium” she retorted.

Alright, I can’t put up with this her current attitude. I wanted to sweet talk her into coming, but I needed a cover up story on my recent reaction.

“Ok flox, listen, I just got an sms from an unknown number and. . .”

How do I explain to her? I needed a lie, but I couldn’t think of any. She was listening and staring at me as I searched for lies in the data base stored in my brain, none came up.
On a normal situation I would manufacture series of lies that would explain the recent event, but this isn’t a normal situation.
What if this was a set-up?
What if flox was part of the set-up?

“Enhen, what did she say in the text message”

“She said we need to come to the stadium immediately” I replied rather nonchalantly, looking at her to see if it sticks.
-it didn’t work-
“Why? To do what? Is that why you screamed?”

-You are a big a.r.s.e hole, who wears her make up like a ghost in naija movies-
Thank God I didn’t say that out aloud, but I was tempted to.
I decided to take my chances out there on the streets. After all, calabar is touted as the safest city in Nigeria. I picked up my wrist watch, wore a lighter slippers and started leaving the room. I noticed flox was dressing up so I stopped and asked if she was coming along. Maybe she changed her mind.
“*** * *** * ” she replied in her native language. I didn’t need an interpretation, the tone of her voice and the anger therein explains what she meant.

I left the house, and headed for the stadium.

I trekked to a major road and stopped one of the blue and white cabs. 
“Drop?” The driver asked.
I entered and he drove off.
It was already 9:25pm, the street lights produced a golden light that made the street look more beautiful. The trees and flowers by the sidewalks produced nice shade, the site was just beautiful. We drove past the millennium park and all its light was glittering across the well manicured flowers. The big green-white-green flag at the centre of the park stood majestically, it was the biggest I’ve ever seen.
The serene environment I was driving through helped to calm me a bit while I plan on what I was going to do next. First, I must speak with emon and find out how she knew what I did.

The cab pulled up at the entrance of the stadium. There were few people there. I payed the cab driver and walked towards the entrance.
The civil defense guy on Navy blue over-all asked me with a smile.
“Do I need tickets to enter?”
“Yes, this gate is an entrance to the vip sits. You can enter if you have your tickets, but if not, you can use the other gate over there, its free”. He pointed at the adjacent entrance where a mammoth crowd queued up to be searched before entrance. It was a discouraging site.
“How much is the ticket, I need one”
I said as I reached out for my wallet.
“we don’t sell tickets here, you purchase it at the back of the stadium, then you enter through this place”.
He said as we waved me aside to make way for a couple entering. They presented their ticket and the man ushered them in. No searching, no whisking, no questioning.
How do I trek back to the back of the stadium, purchase a ticket and trek bak here to enter. That’s the only option I had, queuing up with the crowd I was seeing at the adjacent gate was not an option.
Ibieme had sent me a text informing me he reserved a ticket for me.
I just need to call him and get my ticket. I dialed and waited. . . As some scenarios played out on my mind. . .

-so u had the guts to call my number after what you did-

Will he say more harsh things to me? I will soon find out. . .
He picked the call. . .
“Where have you been, I have been trying to reach you, where are you?”

Now that’s better, I breathe a sigh of relief.
“I slept off”. Now that’s more like it. I’m gradually regaining my lying skills 

“Where are you now”
“I’m at the front of the gate”
“Which of the gates”
“The main entrance” I replied.
“There are many entrances to the stadium, ask someone of gate 06, I will be waiting. Please be fast, I am so busy now”.
I hanged up, went back to the civil defense guy and asked of gate number 06. He directed me and I walked towards the gate.
On getting there, ibieme was waiting for me already, beside him was three security guys, two mobile police (mopol) and one civil defense. The civil defense guy was heavily built and could pass for a bouncer in a night club.
Holy s.h.h.i.t.t!
I stood still as I saw the security guys with ibieme. I was shocked and panicking as he motioned them towards me. . .

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 25, 2016 — 10:05 pm

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