Must Read: Diary Of A Sexx Addict (18+)… Part 5


A Story written by MaziOmenuko…

I have to run!
I need to run!
Should I run?
I can run!
I have to run away before these security guys mal-handle me. I’m a good sprinter, I do 100 meters as fast as asafa powell.
But my legs won’t move. Something held them pined to the ground. I tried moving them, but they were just too heavy.
I stood there, gazing with my mouth open as ibieme and the security guys approach me. Ibieme was moving faster than the security guys, the well built muscular civil defense guy was following swiftly.
Did he have to bring all three of them? Just the civil defense guy was enough to beat me blue-black.
Now its obvious I’m done for. If not for my stupid quest to score emon, I wouldn’t be on this shiiit right now.
Finally, they approached me, I opened my mouth to speak, but words didn’t come out, I started stuttering.
“Ibieme, I don’t know what came over me, I just lost it”

“You just lost it and slept off? I told you I had a busy schedule, I thought you’d be here hours ago”


He didn’t come to arrest me!
I would have opened my mouth and confessed to something he wasn’t aware of in the first place.

wow! That was close!

But why all the security men?

“I’m very busy now”, he continued, “these are security men detailed to my boss, and he is yet to come. I left two tickets for you and flox inside my car” he said and handed me his car keys.
“The car is at parking lot 2, at the stadium general car park, just ask questions you will find it”.
“Where is flox” he asked.
“She said she isn’t coming”
He looked surprised, “that’s strange, she’s been talking about this show for weeks now”
-yea, I know, she has such a big mouth problem-
I thought to myself.
“Anyway, keep my key, we’ll go together after the show”, he said as he walked away.
I wanted to ask about emon, but I didn’t want to raise any suspicions. His reaction when I told him flox wasn’t coming was enough to discourage me from asking.
He walked away with his crew of angry looking security men.
Phew! That was close.

I moved towards the parking lot. If ibieme wasn’t aware of my adventure with flox, then it means emon hasn’t told him yet. I have to find emon before she finds ibiemi, the fear of those security men is truly the beginning of wisdom.
It still beats me how emon got to know. I have to discuss with her, I don’t need anyone springing up surprises at me.

I brought out my phone, scrolled to my inbox and read the message once more;

“What you just did now was wrong, I’m disappointed”.

How did she even get my number? Something is not right. I need to answers to this mystery.

I called her once more.
Ring, ring

“Yea, where are you?” I asked.
“I’m still at my duty post in the stadium, what of you?
“I’m at the parking lot, at your brother’s car, I need to see you now”
“Why, is there any problem?”
-yea, your brother is parading with mean looking security guys and they will have my a-r-s-e for dinner if they have the information you have-
I thought to myself.

“No, I just want to speak with you”
“Ok, stay put, I will be there in a minute”

-just don’t come here with security men-

I found the car, opened it with the keys and found two tickets lying on the back seat. I picked them, locked the car and sat beside it.
I tried to script what I was going to say to her when she arrives.

-Don’t forget, silence is golden-

Eight minutes later, she walked towards me and sat beside me. She was wearing a purple free-flowing sleeveless gown which did little to cover her bosoms. She looked more beautiful than the first time I saw her.
“Why are you not inside the stadium?” She asked.
“Nothing, I just want to hang out here. How is the show inside?”
“Its good” she replied.
I wanted to engage her in more small talk to lighten the air, but I had so many questions that needs answers.
“How did you get my number?” I Finally asked.
“My brother gave it to me”
“This morning”, she replied. “I was supposed to come pick you at the park if he gets too busy and can’t make it. So he gave me your number”.
Ok, one question answered. At least I’m getting satisfactory answers.
“What exactly are you doing for them inside there?” I asked again, trying to engage her in other subjects so as not to arouse her suspicion on why I called her.
“I’m one of the ushers at vip 2, its a reserved space for state dignitaries, commissioners with their friends and families”.
“What exactly does an usher in such an event do?”
“Well, I usher them to their seats, serve them food, drinks or any other thing they might need”, she answered.
Oh, well, enough of the small talk. I’ve applied the silence rule and it seems emon isn’t going to discuss the subjet. So I had to bring it up.
“I got your text message”, I said calmly. “But I didn’t understand it”.
In other to trade carefully, I had to stop and see if she was going to say something.

She just stared at me.
“Honestly, I didn’t understand what you were talking about”.

“I don’t like it when people try to take advantage of me, I didn’t expect you to do what you did, so I was disappointed”.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 26, 2016 — 8:07 pm

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