Must Read: Diary Of A Sexx Addict (18+)… Part 6


A Story written by MaziOmenuko…

Advantage of her? Am I hearing the right words?
“How did I take advantage of you” I asked, rather confused.
“What you did at the cultural centre was not right and. . .”
The text was all about my little encounter with her at the cultural centre and not about flox!
I almost jumped in excitement! I noticed she was still talking so I shifted my attention back to her.
“. . . I felt I should inform you how I felt about that. So after I and my brother dropped you off at the house, I sent you the text to clear the air”.
I was all smiles, beaming from ear to ear.
Wait a minute. . .
“You said you sent the text when you guys dropped me and left for the stadium?”
“Yes”, she replied.
So the text had been on my phone even before my adventure with flox!
Another puzzle resolved!
I kept smiling until she asked me why I was smiling.
“Its not funny, you shouldn’t take advantage of people like that”.
“Trust me, I never meant it that way. Its just that you’re so beautiful that its hard not to notice it. Didn’t you notice how I kept staring at you while we were at the car? I just couldn’t help it, I wish I could stop, but right now, I still feel like kissing you”.

She smiled a bit, then said to me, “you can’t believe how many men that tried flirting with me just this night, especially those rich spoilt men I was asked to babysit over there”, she said pointing at the vip stand she was ushering.
“You must have gotten used to it”, I said.
“Yea, it comes with the job territory. Some tried collecting my number in the presence of their wife. Why are men that way?”

Well, I didn’t plan to spend the night gossiping about men. Now I’ve been giving a clean slate, I need to add more charms and win emon over.

“It also comes with the gender territory”, I replied and she smiled.
“Seriously, emon, your beauty is dazzling, just like one of the celebrities on tv, I wish I met you as just emon, and not my friend’s sister”.
“You talk and act like a player” she said.
-at least you’re not as naïve as your sister- I said to myself.
“Really, why so?”
“Well, I see your kind everyday. Meanwhile, what took you so long getting here, where you with your girlfriend?”
This is the third time she mentioned it, so I was bent on finding out what she meant.
“Which girlfriend are you talking about”
“Stop playing dumb, I mean margaret”
“Yea”, she continued, “my band mate that you collected number from during our band practice at stadium this evening”.
Oh, that!
Final puzzle fixed!
“Where you hanging out with her”.
“Not exactly”, I decided to sound vague. If emon knew I wasn’t with the supposed girlfriend, she might start wondering what I’ve been doing. And flox might come into the equation.
I didn’t want that!
“Anyway”, she continued, “I have to warn you about margaret, she is in the same department with me at unical, but a level lower. She has a reputation as the s-l-u-t of the department. She sleeps around with both students and lecturers without caution”.

Now that’s my kind of girl, straight to the point, a girl that knows what she wants and goes for it. She will be such an interesting character.

“Thanks for the info, but its not margaret that I called this night to be with, its you”.

She looked at me, this time with much interest to what I was saying.
” Listen, I wish I could stop feeling this way about you, but I can’t, its so natural and flows from the deepest part of my heart”.

She blushed and I leaned over and kissed her. She didn’t respond. I kissed again, then stood up, held her hand and pulled her up lightly. She stood and I asked her to follow me to the car.
I unlocked the car, opened the back door and she moved inside. I joined her at the back seat, continued the kissing. This time around, there was a little response. That’s all I needed. I continued the kissing while my hand went busy, touching and caressing all sensitive places in her body.
I pulled down the slim hand of her gown, it came down and exposed her b-r-e-a-s-t, held lightly by a small bra. I kissed the top of her b-r-e-a-s-t, moved my hand behind her, just like I have done so many times, I found the bra buckle and unbuckled it perfectly with a hand.
The sight as it bounced out of the slender bra like a freed pigeon turned me on the more. I felt very uncomfortable in the back seat of the car, yet my d–i-c’kk had no qualms being stiff strong. It pushed against my pant as I suck the n—i-ip–l-e–s, rubbing one with my hand and sucking simultaneously. She let out a small moan. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I wanted some real action and nothing should stop us this time around.
I moved my hand across her folded legs up to her thighs, I caressed the thighs and moved up to pull down her undies, she held my hand.
“No, stop. I have to get back to my duty post”.
I pretended I didn’t hear that, and continued moving my hands across her thighs. She moved her hips forward and backward involuntarily.
“Please, stop”.
“Pleeaasee. . .”
The please was becoming fainter as I started sucking more passionately.
“I really want you now”, I said as I tried to pull down the undies again. This time, there was no hesitation.
I loosened my belt, pulled down my trousers, reached out for my wallet, two more gold circle condoms were remaining. I tore one of it open, she moved her legs, hitting my hand on the process, and it fell off.
I was left with just one. I was more careful with it then, tore it open, wore it as I looked down on her bare laps. It was smooth and looked fresh.
I held her hips a little higher, supporting them with my hands, and moved in.
It wasn’t the best of all s-e-x, the seats made me uncomfortable, the inside of the car was getting hotter, I was sweating profusely, but the sight of those beautiful b–r-e-a.s.t bouncing as I moved in and out was stimulating. With eyes shut, arms spread and hips moving vigorously, she let out a large moan as I felt the muscles of her inside contract in a rapid or–g–a-s–m. The contraction squeezed on my d—ck so smoothly that I had to come.
I remained inside of her, gave her some light kisses, rubbed her chest and ribs as she took in very deep breathes to recover from the or—-gas—m. I felt her heart beat faster than normal as I caressed her chest.
“I have to get back”. She said faintly. I helped her dress up, opened the car and stayed out as she tries to arrange her hair, cloth and make up. I didn’t want anyone sneaking up on me, and seeing both of us inside the car.
Minutes later, she left without looking at my direction. I went back inside the car and sat, her perfume still enveloped the entire car. I thought about what just happened and I let out a smile.
Finally, I felt a great satisfaction inside of my. The few minutes of s–e—x with emon was more satisfactory than 45 minutes with flox.
If my purpose of coming to calabar was to catch some fun, this was it. I tied up the used condom, searched for the one that fell off and found it. I wrapped them together with a paper I found in the car and moved out of the car to get rid of it.
Then something struck my mind, I didn’t dispose of the two condoms I used at ibieme’s room!
Oh my goosh!
How could I be this careless, it was on the floor, even the wrappers were on top of the bed.
Damn me!
Is it possible that flox disposed them?
I don’t think so. She was angry at me when I left, and she must have left immediately. I have to head back and get rid of it before ibieme comes home and sees it.

I need to hand him over his car keys and head home.
I dialed his number, user busy.
Tried again, call waiting.
I waited few minutes later and called back, call waiting.
Then he called, I informed him that I was tired and I needed to rest.
“Where are you?”, he asked.
I informed him and he said I should wait for him.
He was looking very sad and upset when he came. I was a bit worried if there was a problem. There were no security men with him, so I was a bit relaxed.
“Is anything the matter”, I asked as he approached me.
“Yes, he snorted. My mum just called me to inform me that he found two used condoms and their wrappers on my bed. She said flox was with you in my room before she left the house”.

To Be Continued…

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