A Story written by MaziOmenuko…

Now this is serious!
I looked over his shoulders to see if the civil defense guy was hiding somewhere. The thought of that guy bullying me gave me shivers. I wouldn’t mind dropping dead if he comes around now. After all, its better to die than to commit suicide;D

“What were two used condoms doing on top of my bed?”

The sound of his harsh voice brought me back to reality. ibieme was my colleague at school, and was not unaware of my numerous flirting at school. It was public knowledge that I was thrown out of the university hostel after being caught having S£x at the hostel chapel (ok, I know what you’re thinking, but trust me, it wasn’t my fault, at least not entirely. You will understand better when you hear the gist much later).

I didn’t see his comment as a question, but rather a demand for explanation.

What the heck am I going to tell him? How do I explain what used condoms were doing at his bed. Is there any other explanation other than the obvious?
Only one alternate explanation came to my mind, one that I would have waved away had he not screamed on top of his voice again,
“Are you now dumb?”

“I used them to mast–ur–bate”

That was the most stupid thing that had ever come out of my mouth ever since I  learnt the use of vowels.
I would have taken back the words if it was possible.
“And I guess flox was there singing songs for you while you were at it”, he shouted back, “do you think I am a fool?”
“No, ibi, its not like that. I’m sorry, it was a big mistake, I shouldn’t have. . .”
“You are right, having you in my house was a big mistake, trusting you was even a bigger mistake. And you actually think I’m a fool? Telling me that stupid made up story!”.

He was visibly angry as spits jump out of his mouth as he speaks. He was sweating profusely.

“Who were you romancing inside my car?”
The did had been done, I’m done for. I decided to stay quite.
How did he find out about that one too?

When it rains, it pours!

“Someone just called me to inform me that he saw two people romancing at the back of my car. How could you pick up girls and use my car as a motel?”

There was no need answering that. At least the identity of the girl was still hidden. Not that it mattered to me, but emon deserves better. I still cared about her, but the relationship is severed already.
I felt bitter it had to end this way, my insatiable Sekxual appetite had landed me in this mess. Now I have to live with this for the rest of my life.

Time to move on.
“I’m really sorry ibieme, I guess I don’t deserve your friendship”.

“Go to hell”, he said rather calmly. “I don’t want to see you again”.
He collected his car keys and backed away.
Where will I go to? Its few minutes past 11pm, people have started trooping out from the stadium. I don’t have anywhere to sleep.
My bag was still at ibieme’s room.
“My bag”, I said out loudly as he moved away from me. He stopped, turned back and said,
“My dad was so angry with this discovery that he threatened to involve the police. As my guest, I had to plead with him. But I can’t tell what will become of you if he dares set his eyes on you again in his house again”.
He walked away.
I felt my pocket, I still had my wallet in it. The bag contained my extra clothing, phone charger, house keys and my ipad. Nothing I couldn’t replace, so between facing the dad and loosing my bag, I choose the later.
I still had my Atm card in my wallet. I walked away from the stadium. Walked down one of the brightly illuminated streets. The flowers by the roadside were so beautiful, I needed my mind to be in tune with nature.
Isn’t it natural to have a Sekxual urge? If its natural to have an urge, then it should be natural to find a means to satisfy that urge. After all, the bible said. . .
I searched some biblical verses in my mind that justifies my callous acts but couldn’t find. The nearest that came to mind was “seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be open unto thee”.

I walked past a big sculpture. It was that of a big hand holding a gong and a stick to hit the gong. I read the name beside the sculpture, Cross River State Broadcasting Services.
I kept walking down, I didn’t know where I was going, but I didn’t mind, I needed to let some things off my mind.
I passed a sign post that read “Nigerian Navy Command”. The buildings therein were old but refurbished, the front lawn was well mowed and the fence painted the blue and white official state color of the cross river state.
I saw I sign post of a guest house by the road side. The address read “aso equo close”. I walked inside the street and started looking for the guest house.
I couldn’t find the exact guest house I saw on the sign post, but I did see another guest house inside the same close.
It was a collection of three bungalows, a small neatly kept lawn with pineapple orchards at one extreme, and a citrus garden at the other.
I moved inside and was met by a fine lady receptionist. I would have appreciated her beauty the more if I wasn’t in such a messed up state of mind. There were few people inside the big reception hall. A flat screen adorned the wall at one extreme, with tables scattered in groups across the hall.
“Good evening oh”, the receptionist smiled at me.
“I need a room”. I said calmly.
She informed me that almost all the rooms were booked, and that they had just two rooms to spare. I asked her to show me around.
She showed me the first room, it was just ok.
“I will take it”
“You no wan see the other wan?” She said in pidgin.
No, I don’t need a tour, I have had enough for a day. Can’t believe I have been in calabar for a little over six hours. Its been a long day.
“How much”
“Na six thousand, five hundred. The other wan na five thousand five hundred”.
“Ok, make I take dis wan”, I tried to flow with her pidgin.
I brought out my wallet and counted seven one thousand naira notes. That was almost the last in my wallet.
Tomorrow, I will head to a nearby Atm, get some cash and travel out of this city. I have had enough of calabar.

“Na for only one night?” She asked and I nodded.
“Come make I write receipt for you”. She said as she walked away.
I wanted to hesitate. I just need to get my head on a bed, sleep off and leave this city tomorrow. But I followed her to her desk. She gave me a book in which I filled in columns of name, address, phone number of next of kin. . .
She handed me a receipt, a tab of soap, a roll of tissue paper, a towel, a shower cap and the room keys.
“I no need dis wan”, I said as I pushed the shower cap towards her.
“Na only you dey sleep dis night”.

-no, me and your mum- I tried to curse, but just smiled and said yes.

“Ok, so make I take dis wan. we dey even give free condom if you. . .”
The mention of condom made me walk away from her. After all I’ve been through this night, I didn’t need anyone reminding me how careless I was.

“Your change!”

She said loudly, I kept walking towards the room.
I went inside the room, switched on the air conditioner, removed my cloth and walked into the bathroom for a nice shower.
The water was cold, I let myself soak in it as my mind went through the events of the past few hours.
I took a sad look at my d–i—c-kk, I would have dragged you out if I didn’t need you for peeing, I thought to myself. Next time I’m in a church and the pastor ask for prayers against enemies in dark places, I’m going to lay my hands on my d–ic–kk and pray fervently against this d–i–ck.
I toweled myself dry and slept off on the bed.
So much for calabar carnival.

To Be Continued…

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