A Story written by MaziOmenuko…

The sound of a land mower across my window woke me up. I checked the time, 10:15am. I must have slept for a very long time, I was still feeling dizzy. I needed more sleep, I closed my eyes to see if I could sleep off again, but I couldn’t. Instead, my mind played back on last night’s events. I tried hard not to think of it much, but it kept ringing in my mind.
I felt for ibieme, it must be very hard on him.
I Was still grateful of the fact that he was ignorant of me and emon.

I need to let this out of my mind. Its all in the past now, I have to move on. I prayed silently that I won’t have to run into any member of that family before my departure from this city.

-if and only if God answers the prayer of a sinner- 

I started recounting several bitter experiences I’ve had in the past due to my strong affinity for c–u—n-t—s. 

almost blinded my left eye for sleeping with the younger sister of their second in command.

I got thrown out of the university hostel for sleeping with a girl at the hostel chapel.

A good friend of mine lost her fiancée and had to drop out of school because I insisted on turning a platonic relationship into a full blown s–e-x-u-a-l relationship. Her fiancée found out and stopped paying her fees which he had been paying.

I lost my first job due to my se–x—u-a.l encounter with a colleague at the office, on top of my oga’s desk. (Serves him right, I hated that job after all, and my oga was a jerk).

I got thrown out of NCCF family house during my NYSC for having s–e–x at the common room.

I got an extra year at school for screwing my H.O.D’s daughter.

And so much more. . .

Now this one. I’ve messed up a good friendship with a friend, made his parents and sibling to pass through emotional trauma (not flox, she can go to hell for all I care).
Don’t get it wrong, it isn’t all encounters that lands me in trouble, I have had healthy relationships. Yes, I have had wonderful relationships that involved love, s-e–x, trust, s-e—x, care, s–e—x, respect, s–e—x, mutual understanding, s-e–x, and last but not the least, s–e–x. I have kept relationships that lasted as long as. . .(Ok, I will have to calculate that later).

The sound of music playing at the reception hall brought my mind back to the hotel room. I felt I pinch in my stomach, the exact same way I feel whenever I am hungry. I needed to freshen up and head home.

My phone rang, it was my girl friend.
“Hello dear”,
“Hello horn, how are you doing?”,
“Fine”, I replied.
“I have been trying to reach you since last night, seems you were busy”, she said innocently.

-yea, I have been busy screwing two sisters on the bed and car of their brother, how poetic!- I thought to myself.

“Sorry, I was tired and I slept off”.
Slept off!
That was the line I used on ibi and it worked pretty fine. Or not.
“Ok, horn, no problem, how is your day going?”

We talked for a while then she hung up.

It was already 12:05pm, I had to get ready to check out of the room.

I went into the bathroom, had a quick shower, dressed and left the room. I was headed to the bank, or any Atm around, get some money and head back home.
I walked into the reception hall. It was almost empty except for a few people gisting and drinking. I didn’t see the lady receptionist, no attendant at the receptionist desk.
Mtv base was playing ‘Runaway Love’ by Ludacris and Mary J. Blige
Its chorus described the exact situation I find myself right now. . .

“Lisa is stucked up in a world on her own
Forced to think that hell is a place called home
Nothing else to do but get some cloth and pack
She said she’s about to run away and never come back. . .”

Change the ‘she’ to ‘he’ and you’ll be singing about me.

I waited for the receptionist at her desk. I wanted to submit the room keys and head out.
One of the hotel attendants moved past me with a plate of white rice with fresh fish pepersoup, she dropped the food at the desk of a customer seated at the hall.

I felt that pinch on my stomach again, this time around, I felt I was going to faint if I don’t eat anything. My stomach had a way of reacting when it needed food, and more especially, when the food it needs just passed by.

I beckoned on the attendant. She came and I asked about the receptionist. She informed me that she went on an errand for the oga. 
I might as well help myself with a plate of food before traveling back. Calabar to my destination was a complete three and a half hours to four hours.
“What soup do you have”
“Egusi, afang, edika nkong, bitter leaf”, she replied.
I ordered for afang soup.
“Garri, fufu, semovita or pounded yam?” She asked.
“Garri. With and bottled water”.
She left with my orders while I survey the hall once more to see where will be best to sit.
There was a small section of the hall enclosed with transparent curtain. That would be the best place.

Someone was smoking at that section of the hall, divided with a transparent curtain. 
It was a lady.

She looked up a bit as I walked past her to the table next to hers.
I sat and waited for my food. I didn’t want to look at the girl’s direction. It was rude to stare, she must have needed some space when she choose this section of the room to smoke on her own.
I felt she was looking my direction, so I looked up.
Yes, she was staring at me.

Now this is weird.

I glanced at her again and notice she was still staring at me. I tried to focus my gaze on her, and noticed she was smiling and started waving towards me. She moved her hands and lifted some strands of hair covering a part of her face. I could see the face vividly now, lo and behold, seated few tables away from me was Margaret.

I asked.
“Yes”, she replied still smiling.
The same margaret emon warned me about!

To Be Continued…

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