Must Read: Diary Of A Sexx Addict (18+)… Part 9



A Story written by MaziOmenuko…

What the hell is she doing here!
I never bordered giving her a call ever since she gave me her number at the stadium. But seeing her today stirred up something in me.


With legs crossed, a hand holding a stick of burning cigarette close to her face, a slight smile across her face with the smokes rising from the cigar, she could pass for a model posing for pictures to be used in the front cover of vogue.

-what are you waiting for? Go over there and say hi- 

That same voice that has been pushing me to self destruction whispered to me.
-isn’t this your dream girl? Of course you like them raw-
the voice continued.

What the heck, let me just go over and say hi, a harmless hi.

How wrong was I.

I went over to her table, she was sitting in a double sofa, I helped myself out with a sit opposite her sofa.
From the look of things on her table, it was obvious she had been at the reception hall for a long time.
There was an empty plate of what looked like the remains of goat meat peppersoup, an empty bottle of small stout with the second bottle half way down, with smoked cigarettes sticks and ashes scattered over the table. 

I noticed her right eye was a little reddish, maybe the result of the smoke.
As I settled down opposite her, I remembered the words of emon once more. . .

“I have to warn you about margaret, she is in the same department with me at unical, but a level lower. She has a reputation as the s-l-u-t of the department. She sleeps around with both students and lecturers without caution”

This is my kind of girl. No commitment issues, no baggage, no excess strings attached, -just get your freak on-
When I need love and commitment, I know where to get it, ‘my girlfriend’.

Its very unfortunate I was going to leave this city today, I thought to myself.

“Finally, we meet again”, her soft voice interrupted my thoughts.

“Its so nice seeing you again”, I said, trying not to look surprised at the number of smoked cigarette littered over her table. Is she trying to break a record or what? 

“You didn’t call again?”, she asked.

-yea, why haven’t you called her?-

“Sorry, I’ve been a little busy adjusting to the city”.


“So, how is it going?”, she asked.



“What brings you here”, she asked.

Now that’s a JAMB question!

I wish there was a simpler explanation to that question. How am I going to explain to her that I got thrown out of the house for having s–e-x-xx with emon and flox? How am I going to explain to her that my strong urge for se–x has ruined what was supposed to be a wonderful vacation for me. How am I supposed to tell her that as I speak with her now, she exhumes a special se–x-ual-it–y that has enveloped my sense of reasoning. She was wearing a simple jean trousers and a white top, with a cheap lingerie that looked washed and old. Her ear was pierced at three different places and all three had ear rings of different style and shape. There was a small tattoo on her left arm, it was a little bit blur so I couldn’t make out what it was about. A small section of her hair was golden in color, a result of using hydrogen peroxide as a bleach.

The attendant walked in with my food. It was a welcome distraction from the question lingering in the air. At least, I have bought some time to make up my mind what I was going to tell her.

“Hmm, nice order” she said as the attendant dropped my food on the desk. The afang soup was a sight to behold! The water leaf and grinned okazi leaf formed a dark green background, and the palm oil added extra effizy. The soup was adorned with periwinkles, bits of kpomo, goat meat and a large chunk of round fleshy cod fish.
Another pinch from my stomach.

Margaret exchanged some words with the attendant in their native language. She seemed to be giving instructions or making an order. The attendant started walking away, I reached for my wallet as I asked how much the food costs. She exchanged glances with margaret and remained silent. Margaret waved her away and told me she was going to take care of the bill. I didn’t have the strength to argue as I bounced on the food. 

She lit another cigarette as she waited for me to finish with the food. In between the meals, I noticed she was 
checking me out. 
The food tasted great, I didn’t realize how hungry I was until now.
I finished the food, washed my hands and breathed a deep sigh of relieve.
The attendant came in with a plate of cow tail pepersoup and dropped on my desk as she cleared the table. The large chunks of meat on the plate looked scary. They were so big that it would take two days to finish one piece.

-ok, that was an over exaggeration-

“You didn’t have to order or pay for my meals”, I told her. At least, I now have the strength to argue.

“I was expecting a thank you from you”. She said.

“Thanks, but you still didn’t need to do that”.

To Be Continued.. 

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Updated: Nov 28, 2016 — 7:46 pm

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