This is a story written by ONI DAMILOLA (WHATSAPP NUMBER:08038905386)… If you missed part 47, read it HERE!!!

Later after school I tried to tease Helen, I called her and her response during the conversation got me thinking whats her game plan,
Me; hello
Helen; hi dear, how are you?
Me; am good, and hope you are not stressed out today?
Helen; hmmmmmn, not really but am sure after taking lunch and bathing, I will get back to my normal self
Me; that’s good, I just want to check on you, take good care of yourself
Helen; thanks dear and you too, but please can we chat later in the day I will call you when am ready
Me; your wish is my command, just let me know when you are done
Helen; thanks, take care
I end the call and I burst into laugh what’s this girl planning with his dear and she sound happy to hear my voice unlike before, well I will wait till she call so we chat. I tried Shalewa number after calling Helen but the number is not reachable am even tired of hearing the feminine robot telling me he number is currently switched off.
I attended choir practise that evening because we will soon host our annual choir night so we had to prepare very well, it was during the practise that I saw Helen missed call and her message on whatsapp, I defiled the laws and quickly opened my whatsapp. It was during the chat she told me that she love me but scared of dating me as I read this I was happy so I pester her to tell me the reason but she did not, well I accomplished my mission before I sleep that night as she said we should start dating and we should tried our possible best not to let anybody know in the school, well who said I want to let anybody know in the school as is she is the only one my Joystick meant for in the school.

To Be Continued…

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