Must Read: Diary Of An EKSU Boy… Part 50


This is a story written by ONI DAMILOLA (WHATSAPP NUMBER:08038905386)… If you missed part 49, read it HERE!!!

After some weeks I started showing advances to Faith and it seems the girl is even ready for me before but am just guessing through her actions. Helen as started suspecting something is going on between Faith because she now act as my personal assistance in school, she carries my notes and text book  but I do tell Helen that I can’t date the girl that she is a secondary school student and I see her as my junior sister but one day during the lesson I was teaching her physics though am not really good in it, I was busy thinking about how to solve a projectile question when I felt that warm kiss beside my cheek, before I could say one word she kissed me directly and say I can see the way you look at me if you can’t talk at least you must know how to do the actions, as a good sharp guy I proceed with it I started kissing her back and this girl is a pro in kissing her lips was just like Angelina’s lip while doing this I unhooked her bra and started sucking her Bosom, I like her Bosom they were firm and pointing as we were on this then I heard a knock on the door, who is this that is spoiling my hard earn fun, I quickly get up and God knows how she quickly wore her dress I open the door and saw our gardener, what did you want I shouted on him, oga am sorry I want to ask if you can help me tell daddy that I won’t be able to come to work tomorrow, ok I will I quickly answer him just as am done with him then my mum call me to please help her run an errand in the church by the time I get back to the room Faith is ready to take her leave, she just kiss me and say we will meet tomorrow, Chai!!! My heart aches as she closed the door. One Friday after class I decided to accompany Helen to her house while on the way I persuaded her to pay me a visiton Saturday that I promise to take her out if she is scared of visiting me well she bursted into laugh tha why will she be scared of visiting me that what is it that I have in my black dirty mind, I persuaded her to please come because I will be lonely at home the following day, after persuading and convincing her for a long time she agreed to visit me the following day, deep inside I was so happy that I will achieve my aim on her, I just cant wait for Saturday morning to arrive I arrange and clean my room neatly and sat down expecting her call, soon I can’t wait for the call again so I dialled her number and meet the shock of my life her number was switched off, I lose the hope of spending the weekend with her and started watching a film in the living room, after watching a bigger part of the film I heard a knock on the door, who the hell is disturbing my little earn fun I said in my mind but was surprised when I saw Helen in a beautiful red gown, I swear this girl is hot, her beauty make me a dumb man for some minutes before she tap my chest, please can I come in or your parents are around so I can put on my manner she said, I quickly answered her, dear we have the house for ourselves today so please come in and what can I offer a damsel like you, she requested I give her anything I have but thank my stars I have not drank the viju milk drink I reserved for her, I offered her the drink but as expected she refused to take it I have to assured her that I can’t poison her so she should feel free to take the drink and she has nothing to be afraid off.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 3, 2016 — 12:32 pm

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