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Must Read: Diary Of An EKSU Boy… Part 54


This is a story written by ONI DAMILOLA (WHATSAPP NUMBER:08038905386)… If you missed part 53, read it HERE!!!

i started shunning faith in school because of Helen, I know Helen is better than her in all ways, the only thing I want with Faith is just S£x. After four months of strike action Asuu called off the strike, I was so happy to resume the only thing I will miss is just Helen. I told the principal of the school about the resumption he reluctantly released us and told me that they really enjoy my stay that I prove to be a good boy and I was hardworking, he gave us token as our send-forth fee, that weekend Faith paid me a visit on Saturday morning well she was hot even more than before, on sighting her my Joystick took control of my brain, I invited her straight to my room as she entered I quickly locked the door and hugged her tight Helen I will miss you I said before she replied I kissed her and lay her on the bed I off her clothes remaining just the pants and started doing my thing on her I used my hand to shifts the pant to the other side and started finger bleeping her fast as possible, she started moaning in a discreet manner before I change to my Joystick, as I entered her she shouted Oh my God please do it harder, just as if I was possessed I started thrusting fast as possible, to be honest I missed S£x so I used all my energy to Fork Faith after a while she can’t withstand it and she started begging that I should please go slow on her that as I am rushing it is hurting her, after two hot round of S£x I stopped because I was weary. I slept on the bed and started a conversation with Faith
Me: I swear you are good in bed
Faith: no am not, you that you wanted to kill me
Me: kill you ? how
Faith: you are just rushing it and you have a big Joystick and it hurt
Me: ok dear am sorry, next time I will take it easy on you
Faith: actually this is my third time of having S£x
Me; wow! And you acted as if you are a pro, am serious you are a fast learner
Faith: thank you but I want to as you something
Me: yes what’s is that ?
Faith: hope you won’t leave me when you go to school ?
Me:thinking in my mind (see jamb question ooo you that am already done with). Instead of answering her question, I moved closer to her and kissed her and said stop having evil thoughts in your mind. She responded back with the kiss and it lead to another round of S£x but this time she was riding me, after the S£x we both slept off and was awoken by a feminine voice at the entrance of my room.

To Be Continued…

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