Must Read: Diary Of An EKSU Boy… Part 55


This is a story written by ONI DAMILOLA (WHATSAPP NUMBER:08038905386)… If you missed part 54, read it HERE!!!

Who is that I shouted, I am the one the voice said by this time I regain my normal self, that’s a female voice and definitely not my sister and am hell sure its not Helen voice because I recognised her voice very well, I responded saying are you Jesus because Jesus is only the one with the special tag “I am” so please whats your name? during this conversation Faith has woken up and the girl is not even dressing up nor scared of the [person knocking she just slept on the bed. Guess this girl is seeing herself as my wife in my parent house, I open the door blocking the person so as not to enter my room and I realise it was Funmi, well she is a member of the chorister, Sister Funmi good afternoon, hope you are good ? I am ok I came here to explain somethings to you about our choir she said, that quickly reminded me that I was made the coordinator  of the choir and she the Vice president, Sister Funmi thanks I even have some plans that I want to show you but I don’t think its possible now because am somehow busy in my room but I will appreciate if we can meet after service tomorrow morning, reluctantly she agreed I can sense the disappointment in her voice but I don’t care. After I accompany Funmi I stylishly discarded Faith my mission has been accomplished, Days later I travelled back to school you need to see my room the rats acted as if we were in war the destroyed  nearly everything in my room but it was not my rrom only they raided all the rooms in the hostel so it was a collective work from all of us, after some hours washing and sweeping my room was taking it normal shape but I was devastated when I saw one picture inside my Basic biochemistry textbook, it was Shalewa picture I sat back on the bed and wept before Tope one of my hostel mates entered my room and asked what happen and why am I dull ? I explained to her all about Shalewa that she is dead, he consoled me for a while before we both resume the cleaning of the hostel.
A week after our resumption we are yet to start any academic activities but we heard rumours that we are starting examination three weeks after our resumption but we all don’t believe the rumour, Helen and I usually exchange calls everyday during one of our call she explained to me why she did not have S£x with me the day she visited me and I was amaze because I did not expect such from her, thou I don’t believe her but I was determined to find out maybe what she told me was through or not, there is only one way to find out which is what I will surly do. The school management surprised us the second week of resumption, they released time-table for exam that week all student arrived back to prepare for the exam and Ife was no exception to this too she arrived but with something that we are not expecting, Ife is pregnant just four months strike and this Bytch is pregnant, the funniest part of it was that we heard she did not know the person  that impregnated her that the she mentioned two guys in her street in lagos and they both denied it that is a free Sluut to the guys in the street but I thank my God that she did not mention my name because I remember our last S£x it was like a S£x battle between us, the lousy Ife we knew in the hostel is now a very gentle girl that hardly talks nor interact with anyone in the hostel. The examination was conducted as planned by the school management and I realise that Shalewa’s death change my life or is it because I am in love with Helen, I decided to quit all old habits of taking advantage of ladies, after our examination, Helen paid me a visit in school, she used a week in my place now I have the chance to chek if what she told me was true or she was just sweet talking to me, I took her round EKSU brance Suya spot near T’s Kitchen we have the little fun I can afford that time and we returned to my room tired and we both slept off late in the night I tried to make a move to have fun with her but she refused and she told me she is a virgin and she is not ready to break it that since I love her I should wait till it’s the right time, I cajoled her but all fell into her deaf hears.
Helen in my life change me totally that till I finshed my 300 level I have no other girl friend, she took total control of my love life, when I get to 400 level I introduced her to my sister, two months before my final exam in EKSU my father celebrated his 50th birthday and I invited Helen to my house she needs no futher introduction to my sister aand she take her round showing everyone that this is Dammy’s girlfriend, what else can I do my sister is running the show for me after the party my mother asked me if truly she is my girlfriend I told her that she is truly my love. Helen gave me a surprised visit the day I did my last exam in EKSU during the night she whispered to me the only suitable thing that she can give me to celebrate my graduation is her Virginity, I was anxious as I heard this but I give her a shock too, after she told me I rushed to her kissed her, unhooked her bra we romanced for a long period of time that I was convinced that she was wet, my Joystick was hard and ready for action but I whispered to her what will you give me as a gift during our wedding night if you give me this now, as I told her this she relaxed and was a bit disappointed on herself I kissed her forehead and fall back on my bed to sleep, she woke me up the following morning with the aroma of the food dhe was cooking, we both ate and we packed my luggage’s back home.
One advise, in EKSU there is unlimited fun but remember why you are there.

Watch out for THE WEDDING NIGHT featuring Dammy, Helen, Gbenga and co.


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Updated: Nov 15, 2016 — 3:00 pm

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  1. slow to update but good

  2. Wow i realy enjoy the story kudos to you Dammy

  3. kudos to the writer

  4. Wow! What a gud write up atleast shalewa nd co. Made u realise all that glitters is nt gold

  5. Wow…. Nice write up…. U deserve awards for this nd I see it coming….. More ink in your pen ..more mb on ur phone… More opolo in ur head

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