Must Read: FATE (16+)… Part 11


A Story written by Purityval
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His investigation so far had yielded only bits of information. Every suspect that had been involved by the SCD in the death of Mr. Williams had a bit of information tied to them but, all the evidences he gathered were not falling into place.

On the list of suspects are two big shots who according to his findings where the only ones capable of ordering a hit on Mr. Williams and his daughter. One is Mr. Festus whom Mr. Williams according to his statement to the SCD used his connection to frustrate him out of a contract worth millions of naira. The other was Mr. Olive who also suffered terribly in the hands of Mr. Williams, at the end went bankrupt and had to start life afresh.

While Mr. Olive according to his statement had forgiven and forgotten, Mr. Festus had stated categorically that if he had opportunity to eliminate Mr. Williams he would have done it but made it clear that he had nothing to do with his murder. The question on his mind is ‘do people really forgive and even if they do, forgetting is a very long way to go’.

Sly had secretly contacted every suspect to the case to check for voice match but none had matched. Away from the names on the list, he’d secretly investigated the top members of Williams’s holdings. Coming out tops on his list of strong suspects was Mr. Batho. From the information he’d gathered, Mr. Batho had never fallen in line with Mr. Williams. After the death of William’s wife, when he was unstable, Mr. Batho had aligned with some board members to overthrow him and install himself but had met stiff opposition from members loyal to Mr. Williams. The same action had repeated itself after his death but Bob had stood up to him and his plans had hit a brick wall. Why Williams kept him at the top echelon of his company despite all, still remained unknown. Maybe, the only theory that supports that remains the fact that despite the rebellious nature of Batho, he was ambitious and produced great results for the company and people that had the knack of producing results had a place in Mr. William’s heart.

Sly had dug deep into Batho’s affairs but the bits of information he’d gathered couldn’t pin him as a prime suspect but he wasn’t giving up.

After going through the suspect list from the SCD, the only person whose name never appeared anywhere was Mr. Bob. From lessons he’d learnt from many years in his career, he knew that the no one could be trusted but in this case, Mr. Bob was too clean not to be trusted.

He’d devoted time to follow him, monitor his home, tapped his phone, had Kunle trace his cell, bank transactions and everything he was involved in down to his romantic relationships but in all, Bob had come out clean.

He’d gone further to dig into the lives of the security escorts protecting Claire and they were clear enough.

Sly had people virtually in all places; people who are in one way or the other indebted to him or those he had something against. That had made getting information very easy for him. That’s also the reason why he was always many steps ahead of the law.

To Be Continued…

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