Must Read: FATE (16+)… Part 20


A Story written by Purityval
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As he got his car parked at a different position away from Claire’s vicinity he contemplated on whether he was making the right decision. He’d never in his career question his own decision or second guessed himself but recently he was doing that a lot.

Stepping out from the vehicle he walked briskly down to Claire’s gate. As he walked his hood covering his head, he looked around to know if he could pick out any unusual movement which he didn’t. Dropping the note on the gate handle, he walked back to his car and waited for Claire.

He’d made up his mind to meet her and know if there was any information she could offer that would help him. He hoped she wouldn’t panic and get the authorities involved as that would further hinder his operation.

It wasn’t long before Claire drove out from her compound and had seen the note. From where he parked he couldn’t see through the vehicle to actually know what was going on there; in the car.

They had parked for a moment before driving off. In his normal routine he waited for two minutes before turning to follow her. Unknown to him, he was also followed from a distance.



Parked at a distance away from where Sly parked was a guy on binocular viewing Claire’s compound through it. He’d been parked for almost three hours since dawn viewing the compound intermittently. Since he parked, he’d been unable to find something tangible. Just when he was about to put down the binoculars and drive off something caught his sight.

A guy just stepped out from his vehicle and was walking towards the gate he’d been monitoring. He couldn’t see his face as it was covered by the hood of his sweat shirt.

Pulling out his phone, he pressed down on a number and the phone went into speed dial.

“Sir there is a situation.” He said as the line connected.

“Somebody just dropped a note at her gate.”

“No sir, I can’t make out his face.”

“Ok sir, on it.” He concluded and dropped the call.

After the call he waited as his curiosity has been aroused he’d been ordered to eliminate the guy before proceeding to follow the girl. Not long after the guy dropped the note that the gate opened and the girl drove out. He saw from his binoculars as the gate man took the note to her.

When the girl finally drove off after waiting for a while, the guy turned and followed her. He waited before trailing them as well.

As he followed them, he made sure to keep his distance in other not to arouse their suspicion. Pulling out a pistol from his glove compartment, he readied it for action.

He was two cars behind his target when he noticed him pulling over. Slowing down, he allowed more vehicles to move ahead of him before pulling over. Viewing through the binoculars, he noticed that ahead of the guy was the young lady’s car parked. He saw another girl move around to the driver’s side before the car pulled back into the road. The guy followed suit while he also turned his ignition and entered the road.

His perfect opportunity to drive by and take him out came when the traffic ahead turned red. He had overtaken some vehicles before him in other to close the gap between him and the guy. He was close behind him when another vehicle suddenly made a quick turn blocking him off. Cursing under his breath, he tried to make a reverse but had seemed trapped as cars behind closed in on him.

Swearing at the car before him which the driver didn’t seem to care, he honk severally, frustrated. Not even the loud sound of his horn seemed to get to the old man who would rather keep looking straight than sparing him a glance.

He had given up in annoyance when the blaring of his horn started attracting undue attention to him waiting for the traffic light to turn back green.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 31, 2016 — 5:04 pm

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