Must Read: FATE (16+)… Part 26


A Story written by Purityval
(0703440 1770,


Name: Vince Greg.

Residence: 16 Hillview Avenue.

Date of Reg: 5th May, 2015………. That’s your guy.

After reading the text message from Nellisa, he stood up, picked his keys and left. Driving out, he began to map out plan of action in his head.

Few poles away from 13 Hillview Avenue, he parked and stepped down walking the remaining distance down to 16.

It was a fenced duplex that had a big gate to it. Walking past the building, he noticed that it shared no boundary with any other building, unlike others. Again, the gate had a padlock to it which signified that he doesn’t have a gate keeper and probably lives alone; typical life of a contract killer. The building stood alone, away from other buildings.

Taking a bend behind the building, he walked cautiously and expertly scaled the fence. Pulling out his gun as he touched down inside the compound, he tiptoed to survey the compound. He surveyed the not so large compound for any possible surprise. Satisfied as he found none, he walked back to the back of the building where a door which probably led into the house stood.

Picking a lock had always been an easy fry for him and that one wasn’t different. Within two minutes he found his way into the building. He walked the corridor which led him into the kitchen. Looking around, he knows that the kitchen may have not seen life for a while.

He left the kitchen and took the adjacent door which opened to the dining room and the sitting room further. As he entered the room, he scanned around for any sign of a camera. Instincts have thought that the first thing to always check for when breaking into a building was a camera. He knows the perfect places where a camera could be hidden in a room and made sure to scan those angles. Satisfied that there was none, he walked pass the dining room to the sitting room. On the table closer to one of the couches was a bottle of scotch, a glass cup and a piece of paper with biro.

Picking up the piece of paper, he read the description which was written on it. Muffling a curse under his breath he headed back from where he came in. Securing the picked door from where he came in, he scaled the fence out and hurried to his car. He avoided running to avert people looking at him suspiciously. Few poles to his car, he practically ran up to it and within few seconds he was speeding down the high way. Son of a Bytch, he cursed loudly……



With anger and distaste for the job which was already giving him regrets he parked away from his normal spot and decided to walk. His gun safely tucked in his waist covered by his blue T-shirt over a jean he walked casually down the street. It looked like a casual walk but it was meant not to arouse suspicion from people around especially the one he was after. As he walked, he surveyed around through the corners of his eyes for his target. He had not walked long when he spotted a perfect match. Bingo! He muttered and kept walking down.

Getting to a magazine/daily store at the end of the street, he bought a copy of one of the day’s newspaper and headed back the way he came. A little away from the store, he pulled his .38 and sandwiched it into the newspaper folding it perfectly.

Walking pass the joint where his target sat, he stopped on his track and turned like he forgot something. His order was clear. ‘Take the private eye out, no collateral except if the need be or in other to secure his exit.’ Calling on the mallam who sold little provisions on the store, he pulled out his wallet and handed him a note of one thousand naira demanding for a loaf of bread.

He kept an eye on his target who sat unsuspectingly not giving a rat f*ck about him. As the mallam turned to get his balance he knew that was the only chance he had. Pulling his gun out, he squeezed the trigger send three shots into his target who dropped dead instantly.

Pandemonium broke out as people around scampered for safety. That gave him the needed opportunity as he escaped through the confusion running nonstop to his car. If only he knew the surprise that awaits him.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 4, 2016 — 1:51 pm

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  1. Which came first, the problem or the sonuoitl? Luckily it doesn’t matter.

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