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He took a bend, tires screeching, he nearly missed it. Parked by the road on the pedestrian walk way was the same car with matching registration number. Reversing the car, he drove a distance away and parked. He stepped down pressing the automatic lock as the sound of gun shots exploded. As he stood contemplating on the next step to take, he saw motorists speeding out from the street. He made to walk into the street and saw him running out from the street tucking his gun into his cloth.

Concluding that the deed has been done, he stepped back into his car and waited. He saw him enter his car and speed off before getting down his car and accosting a young man who just ran out from the street and was impatiently waiting to cross the busy road.

“Hello! Please I’m about to enter that street but I heard gun shots, do you have any idea what happened there?”

“Hmmm!! Oga, if you know what is good for you just turn and start going back. They just killed one man for that side now now.” The guy said and without waiting for another question ran across the road.

He hurried back into the car and sped off the same direction Greg took. He softened on the accelerator not wanting to catch up with him. He had an instinct that he was headed home so he drove at a moderate speed heading back to Greg’s abode.

Leaving his car in the same position as before, he trekked the remaining distance down. As he got infront of Greg’s house, he noticed the tire marks which weren’t there before. Also the padlock that secured the gate before wasn’t in place anymore which was a clear indication that someone had gained entrance into the building.

Confirming that he had no attention to himself, he took the usual bend and walked behind the building. He scaled the fence and landed cautiously in the compound pulling out his gun. Carefully he nudged the door and gained entrance into the hallway leading to the kitchen. He heard a voice talking on the phone and trailed it. The voice led him to the sitting room where he saw Greg relaxed on the couch with a cup of scotch at hand. On the table close to him was the same bottle of scotch and a Wesson and smith pistol. Greg had his eyes fixed on the cup on his hand paying attention to the person on the other end of the phone as he didn’t notice the figure advancing towards him.

Pointing the gun to his head, sly walked into the room step after step till he was few steps away from him. He saw the shocked expression on his face as he turned and saw him pointing a gun to his head. He made to rush for his gun but Sly was close enough to kick it away signaling him to stay still and keep talking on the phone. Wanting to hear the caller he told him to turn the phone to speak out. Greg obeyed without hesitation as a voice echoed from the phone.

“Good job. Take some time off and await further instruction.” The caller said and they hard a click as the call ended. Sly replayed the voice immediately on his head, no doubt, it was masked.

“Who are you and how did you get in here?” Greg asked the only question that came to his mind.

Giving a low laugh, he enjoyed the confused and frightened look spread across Greg’s face.

“I don’t think that’s the right question you should be asking. The right question should be what do I want from you but, before then, I think we should get introduced. I’m Sly, the trailer of the trailer and you are?” he asked with a grin.

Greg stayed mute staring at the gun pointed to his head weighing his escape options. For everything he knew he had no plan.

“Ok, I will presume you don’t have a name Vince Greg.”

He enjoyed the look of surprise that came and disappeared on Greg’s face replaced with the look of faked composure.

“Introductions over. Now let’s get down to business.” He said pulling out cuffs from his pocket. He threw it to him and nodded. Greg didn’t need to be told what he meant as he got his hands cuffed. “Now to why I’m here,” he continued. “I want to make it quick and get the hell out of the place in the shortest time.” He said taking a breath waiting for what he said to sink into his head. “Now, who sent you after Claire, me and the person you just killed?”

Greg still kept mute blinking his eyes as it got tired of staring at the gun. He knew that there was no way he was getting out alive not when he just killed someone. He’d made up his mind to keep mute to all his questions, not like he knew much anyway.

“Seriously, you don’t want to go down this lane with me.” Sly said with stern seriousness emptying the chambers of his revolver. He picked a bullet from the floor and slotted it back into one of the chambers and rolled it before latching it back. “I’m going to ask you one more time, who sent you.” He walked behind him placing the noose of the gun on his neck line. Without waiting for an answer he pulled the trigger which produced a click. He noticed as Greg tightened his neck muscles before pulling on the trigger again and again.

As he heard the third click from the gun he started shivering as his faked courage left him.

“Wait!!” he shouted but Sly was determined to give him a bullet for making him ask twice and to further motivate him for his next question.

He made to shout again but felt a terrible pain and hotness as the bang deafened him with the bullet piercing its way down into him. He made to jerk up but Sly’s strong arm pulled him down to the seat as blood gushed out soaking up part of the sofa.

Walking back to his former position he picked another bullet and slotted it into the chamber rolling it before latching it back without a word to Greg who was writhing in pain. Taking two steps further he pointed the gun to his knee cap and pulled the trigger which produced a click. He smiled and asked, “Who sent you.”

He didn’t wait to hear another click before he shouted painfully, “I don’t know, I was just contacted and given orders.”

Giving another low laugh, “And you expect me to believe you.” He asked raising an eyebrow.

“I swear to God I don’t know.” Greg repeated sobbing painfully. “I only receive orders through the phone. I never met with anybody.” He cried painfully as blood kept gushing out from his shoulder.

“Now let’s say I believe you. What are you orders?”

“I’m dead already right?” he asked through pain.

For an answer Sly squeezed the trigger once again and a click was produced. Greg swore under his breath before answering.

“I was just told to monitor the girl and await further instructions. When you came into the picture, I was instructed to take you out but unfortunately I lost you. That’s all.”

“Unfortunately you lost me.” Sly repeated smiling. “Let’s say I believe you again. The guy you killed today, what’s his connection to all of this?”

Breathing heavily through pain he demanded for water as he was bleeding out. The demand earned him a squeeze of the trigger which produced a bullet shattering his knee. He screamed as another bolt of pain exploded inside of him throwing him off the sofa to the floor as he convulsed in pain on the floor.

Sly picked another bullet and repeated the same process as before without making any effort to pull him up. Walking up to where he laid on the floor writhing in pain bleeding profusely he pressed his foot down on his leg. Squatting, he placed the gun on his crotch.

“Now about the document, what do you know?” he asked staring down at his face. Smile touched the corners of his lips as he watched the shocked expression on Greg’s face mixed with pain. “You think I don’t know about the details of the job?” he smirked. “I know every detail. As a matter of fact I was the first contracted to do this job but I had asked myself, what would it benefit me to kill an innocent young girl? That was not how business worked for me. So to the question, what do you know?”

“No….. nothing. I haven’t found it yet.” Greg cried in agony.

Sly cursed under his breath. ‘Then what do you know about the contractor?” He asked pressing the noose of the gun hard to his groin.

“I don’t know much,” Greg started aguishly. “He only contacts me through a number.” He said gesturing his head to the phone on the table. “Whenever there is an update I give it to him through the number, that’s all I know.”

Standing up, Sly picked the phone from the table and pressed a button clicking on the contact list. There was just a number saved on the phone.

“When next are you going to be contacted?” He asked frustrated.

“I don’t know. He said I should take the time off, plea….”

Before he could complete the word, Sly squeezed the trigger which sent the bullet straight into Greg’s head leaving him dead immediately. Pocketing the phone, he went out through the same way he came in.

To Be Continued…

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