Must Read: FATE (16+)… Part 29


A Story written by Purityval
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Getting to his car he pulled out his phone and typed a message to Kunle. ‘I need everything you can get on this number, 081……”

After he sent the message he’d opened his glove compartment and picked a pack of sim card and a small phone. Slotting the SIM into the phone he switched it on and placed a call to the emergency line of the SCD. After reporting the death of Greg he opened the door and dropped the phone on the tire track before driving away.

Getting home, he hurried to the bar and poured himself double scotch. He had a nauseous feeling and a knot tightening on his system and was shaking seriously. This was something that he never felt before. No, this weird feeling has found its way to his heart since Claire.

Downing the scotch he poured another before carrying the bottle back to the couch. He hated how he was feeling and wanted to blurt it out; that was never him. Apart from his first time, he never felt like this after killing someone. Pulling out his phone, he pressed down on a number and it went into speed dial. Nellisa, who was just what he needed.


He was breathing heavily, ramming ferociously into her as she steadied herself matching and meeting his thrusts half way. Brooding heavily he felt his seed coming and increased the speed of his thrust before raising his head, eyes closed, the mesmerizing feeling of orgasm swept through him as he exploded deep into her.

Turning around, she pushed him down to the couch and attacked his shaft which was going limb. Taking the Joystick which was coated with Pour and her wets into her mouth she licked it clean before sucking on the head expertly.

Sly shivered with goose bumps spread all over him as Nellisa worked wonders on his man meat. Stretching forth his hands, he took her Bosom and started fondling them gently moaning in ecstasy. Feeling him hard enough, she stood up, climbed up his laps and perfectly guarded his Joystick into her wet cunt. She smiled as he opened his mouth, eyes closed, lost in the sweetness of her womanhood.

Perfectly settled on his Joystick, she started riding him gently before gathering pace. With head thrown back she felt so out of the world as his Joystick kept piercing into her like a hot iron hitting her spot at each thrust. Her movement increased as she felt herself close. Holding her waist down, he started thrusting up with much speed as he was close to the edge. It wasn’t long before they both reached that point of no return as they simultaneously cried out in ecstasy before exploding into oblivion.


Nellisa had arrived with a worried expression on her face. She needed no soothsayer to explain to her that something was wrong because he never call her up twice in a week. Definitely, she felt something was wrong with him.

True to her thoughts, the bottle of scotch on the table as she entered the house confirmed her worries. He never gave her the chance to ask question before getting down on her. Unlike him, she was still dry when he forcefully pierced into her. It had felt so painful but being who she is; she didn’t complain or tried to protest. It was never in her nature to, not when she understood the situation.


As they both laid wasted on the couch, guilt enveloped him. He’d never treated her so roughly. Turning, he looked at her resting her head on the armrest her but propped up with her Buttocks cheeks parted giving him a peak of her swollen lips. Pulling her up to rest on his chest, he muttered quietly and remorsefully.

“Nelly I’m sorry.”

She was feeling sore between her thighs but it wasn’t to be compared to the feeling of satisfaction that she was basking in. Truth be told, he never handled her roughly but she only understood it to mean that everything wasn’t ok with him.

“Sssshhh!!” she made the sound placing her lips to his. “I’m not pissed ok.” She said breaking of the kiss.

“Nelly I’m really sorry.” He continued avoiding her eyes.
“Sly, what is the problem, what is eating you up?” she asked ignoring his apologies.

“Nelly it’s too complicated………” he said trailing off.

Sly never involved her in any of his dealings. He always kept details away from her. According to him, it was for her own safety and she wasn’t going to push it now. She respected him and his privacy so much and vice versa.

“Whatever it is, I believe you can handle it.” She said leaving his body heading to clean up in the bathroom.

He’d assumed that she was pissed and called out to her.


“C’mon, I’m cool ok? Don’t sweat it.” Nellisa said with a convincing smile before walking away.

To Be Continued…

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