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A Story written by Purityval
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“I know you are going to object to this but I think it’s now obvious that we need to get you a personal guard again.” He said coming back into the room after the men from SCD left.

“Not again.” She muttered with a dispassionate look.

“Come on, we are not going to let our guards down until we are sure the SCD has him behind bars and prosecuted.”

“Then why don’t we wait. They just got a tip off.” She protested.

“What if it’s a sham.” He asked annoyed?

“And what if it’s not? Uncle I’m sorry. I know you mean well for me and want my safety but, I can’t leave with those guys around me again. I don’t even feel safe with them.”

Bob gave up frustrated. He knew there is no way he was going to change her mind. Picking his cell from the armrest, he stood up to go.

“I will see you tomorrow at the office.” He said heading to the door.

“Ok, goodnight.” Claire said walking behind him to the door.

After his exit, she walked back into the room and went over to Lizzy who was still sobbing lightly. Gathering her into an embrace she consoled him.

“I know you feel bad honey, we all do. Don’t make it hard on yourself.”

“I killed him,” Lizzy cried. “If I’d not gotten him involved in all this he would have been alive.”

“C’mon hun you didn’t kill him. You didn’t know it was going to turn out like this.” Claire consoled patting her gently.

They were stilled, and snuggled together when her cell started ringing. She allowed it to ring out but when the caller wasn’t giving up she left Lizzy and went for the phone. Sighing, she dropped the phone as unknown number displayed on the screen. She was about walking back to Lizzy when it started ringing again. Picking the phone she pressed on the receiver placing the phone on her ear without saying a word. She heard some crack sound from the callers end but no word, more like the caller was waiting on her. Tapping on the speaker button she dropped the phone and as she took a step, a voice came through the phone.

“I didn’t kill him.”

She was taken aback as her eyes met Lizzy’s who was also looking at her. That was the least of what she expected from an unknown caller. Lizzy had stopped cryingand had her attention focused on Claire and the phone.

“Who are you?” Claire asked with mixed feeling of fear and confusion.

“Let’s meet, I will explain everything then.”

“Meet? Why you I won’t do that?” she asked forcing some confidence into her tone.

“Because your life is in danger. Jesson Garden, 9pm, Today. Don’t tell anyone about this and make sure to come alone.” The caller said with a note of finality before the call ended.

Standing put where she’d been, confused, she stared at Lizzy who was sitting up on the couch looking confused too. Turning her face, she looked at the wall clock; 7:30pm.

“I hope it’s not what I’m thinking?” Lizzy started. “You are not thinking of going to meet that lunatic are you?”

“I don’t know. I want all these cleared once and for all. I want to have my life back.” She replied confused.

“And you think going to meet with someone who will definitely send you to the grave is going to solve all this?” Lizzy asked with a flat tone.

“Lizzy, if this guy wanted me dead, I would have been dead long ago. If he is unto something as he claims then, we need to know what that is. You even said that yourself.”

“Hey! Don’t use my words against me and yes I said that but, that was before. Before he killed an innocent man; a friend of mine.”

“Lizzy,” Claire cried, “But you heard him. He said he didn’t do it.”

“Seriously? I can’t believe we are debating this Claire. You want to walk into your own death with your eyes wide open?” Lizzy shouted annoyed.

“Lizzy listen to me,” Claire started calmly. “I’m not going there alone. I’m going to contact my uncle who’d get the SCD involved. That way we will wrap this whole thing up once and for all.”

“Claire I’m afraid. We can’t just inform your uncle and the SCD. They can go and arrest him there.” Lizzy said sitting back on the couch.

To Be Continued…

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