Must Read: FATE (16+)… Part 31


A Story written by Purityval
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“And you think he will show up without me? C’mon hun you can think better than this.” Claire retorted.

“I know. I just don’t want anything to happen to you”. Lizzy said walking up to her.

“I know. I’m afraid myself but, if he has an evil intention, he wouldn’t have’chosen a public place.”

“You have to call your uncle and tell him about this”, Lizzy advised.

“Yes.” Claire said picking up her phone and placing a call to Bob.



It wasn’t long after he watched Nellisa leave that Greg’s phone started ringing. Staring at the phone, he allowed it to ring out contemplating on taking the call or not. The phone started ringing again before he decided to pick it. The caller had remained silent after he picked the call waiting for him to talk. After a while, he heard a click and the call went dead. Sly knew immediately that the caller must have found out that something was wrong. Picking his phone, he typed a message to Kunle to trace the number and the origination of the last call.

Contemplating on his next move, he decided to place a call to Claire and schedule for a meet. He needed to ask her some questions and know if there is any valuable lead she could give to him.

*****  *****  ******

Parked a distance away from the Jesson Garden, he walked down and secured a seat for himself at the ‘suya’ spot overlooking the entrance of the garden. Taking a look at his time, it was fifteen 8:45pm; he still had some time before she arrives. He ordered for some sticks of ‘suya’ to while away time.As he picked the pieces of meat into his mouth, he checked his time intermittently.

It was fifteen minutes past when he saw her car pull up at the parking lot of the garden. As she stepped down from the vehicle, his breath seized. He watched as she walked elegantly into the bar wallowing in her beauty. No woman had ever had such effect on him; not even Nellisa.

He watched as she looked around the bar settling in an empty table. Pulling out his phone he dialed her number.

“You are late.” He said as the line connected.

“Where are you?” She’d asked looking around the bar.

“Did you tell anybody about this meeting?” he asked looking around for any suspicious movement.

“No, I came alone. Where are you?”

“Will be with you shortly.” He said and dropped the call.

To Be Continued…

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