Must Read: FATE (16+)… Part 32


A Story written by Purityval
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She had placed a call to Bob informing him of the call she just received. Just like Lizzy, he had also strongly advised her against the meeting but after she told him of her plan, he’d skeptically agreed. They had agreed on the plan to get the SCD involved. The plan was for the SCD to move in and hang around before her arrival and swoop in to arrest the guy if he approaches her.

At the point of leaving her house for the meeting, a great fear had fallen on her. She’d decided not to go again but Lizzy who had been advising her against going urged her on since she’d already involved the SCD.

Pulling up the Garden’s parking lot, she’d dragged herself down from the car heading into the bar. She was barely settled when a call came through her phone; the hidden number.


He didn’t want her to freak out but also didn’t want to risk it if she came with anybody or had contacted the authorities. Dialing her number, he decided to shake her a little more.

“I told you to come alone.” He said as the she picked the call. He noticed a tensed silence before the girl spoke with a shaking voice.

“I came alone, I didn’t talk to anybody.”

“But I can see the authorities around here.” He lied pushing it harder.

“I didn’t talk to anybody and I’m sure I wasn’t followed. Maybe…….”

He didn’t allow her to drop her last words before dropping the call. He’d been busy watching her reaction from where he sat that he didn’t notice a car pulling up quietly not far away from him.

He wanted to make sure that she didn’t come with anybody but her reaction had been somewhat suspicious. He looked around again to know if he could pick up any suspicious movement but everything thing seemed normal as people walked by about their business.

Having spent twenty minutes after she arrived, he saw how restless she was becoming. Crossing over, he walked into the garden straight to her position. He wanted to wrap the meeting within the shortest time frame as the weather was rumbling and threatening a heavy down pour.

“Are you sure that you told nobody about this meeting?” he asked settling opposite her on the table.

He watched her as she stared at him without words. He was also enchanted by her beauty as his eyes held hers. He’d recovered himself on time and tapped on the table drawing her attention back.

“Ye….yes I wasn’t.” she stammered.

“I want you to listen to me carefully. Your life is in danger and whoever wants you dead is buried deep either in your father’s company. I want you to…………” his voice trailed off as he saw a guy on hood walking straight to their table with gun pointing at Claire.

To Be Continued…

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