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She laid on the bed her mind occupied with the thought of him. She had been like that from the previous night when Bob drove her home till that morning. His image as he walked out drenched in his own blood had etched on her memory. He took the bullet for me, she’d kept repeating in her mind like she wanted to believe otherwise.

Everything had happened so fast that she didn’t get a clear view of the shooter. She’d been in shock and speechless since the incident.

“What happened?” Lizzy who’d been seated staring at her all morning asked for the umpteenth time.

“He took the bullets that were meant for me.” She muttered.

Heaving a big sigh that finally she’d decided to talk to her, she edged closer and took her hand. The previous night when she was led home by Bob, she’d seen patches of blood on her and had feared the worse. It was when she confirmed from Bob that she wasn’t shot that her mind was relieved.

“Who took what bullets for you?” she persisted.

“He covered me and got shot.” She repeated.

“Talk to me hun.” I can’t make a head or tail out of what you are saying Lizzy pushed on.

She was about to narrate what happened when her phone started ring from the dressing table. With a sigh, lizzy stood up and headed to silence the phone when she saw the caller ID; Unknown.

“It’s from an unknown number.” She announced.

Jerking from her state and down from the bed, she took quick strides and collected the phone from Lizzy. Lizzy was surprised at the sudden change in her behavior and watched on.

“Hello?” she said impatiently into the phone.

“Yes, how are you, where are you, are you ok?” she asked without catching a breath.

“Can I meet you? I need to see you please.”

“No please don’t, I just want to see you; to know that you are ok.” She cried.

“Hello…? Helloo….? She repeated as tears rolled down her eye.

Realizing that he had dropped the call, she removed the phone from her ear and stared at the screen clutching it tightly. Turning around she saw Lizzy staring at her blankly. She knew what was next as she walked back to the bed dabbing her eyes with the back of her hand.

To Be Continued…

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