A Story written by Purityval
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He’d not expected her to react the way she did on the phone. She’d acted so concerned and wanted to meet. Instincts told him that it was a set up. He also suspected that the call might be monitored and rang off before she could continue. Turning off the phone, he pulled out the SIM card and placed the phone on the table beside the bed.

He was weak and in pain but knowing that she was in good condition had been a relief. His mind retraced the events of the previous night. He’d caught an obscure view of the shooter as he mixed up escaping through the crowd. He wasn’t sure if it was really who he had in mind but, that had sure given him a lead to follow. Whoever had planned the attack either knows about him and must be close to Claire.

Relaxing back on the bed, he allowed his mind to wander. He knew that security would be tight around Claire and the authorities would be on the lookout for him. He wasn’t worried about the authorities looking for him but about Claire’s safety.

To Be Continued…

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