Must Read: FATE (16+)… Part 39


A Story written by Purityval
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It has been two weeks gone and she hasn’t heard from him. The past week had her always glued to her phone waiting for his call or message but none came.

Just like she’d anticipated, Bob had brought in some security guards the day after the attack. She knew it was going to happen and didn’t fight it. After the first week, she’d dismissed them without informing Bob.

She had talked less to her uncle since, the incident despite every effort he’d made to get her to talk. She’d scraped the incident without going deep into what happened when he’d asked her. Some things remained unclear to her. What happened to their plan? Why did Bob show up after it all happened and why did they leave before the authorities arrived. Why had he not contacted the SCD?

She had confronted Bob with the questions but the answers he gave her weren’t a bit convincing. She had allowed it to slip and kept her reservations.

After the incident, she’d grown suspicious of everybody around her. The only person she could trust was the one that took the bullet for her and Lizzy who’d sat beside her ever since it happened. She had found concentrating at work hard as her mind always drifted back to the scene. His image as he limped away in pain had kept coming back to her. She didn’t know if it haunted her, but her dreams and days were just about him.

She went through the whole week praying that he will contact her, which never happened, she had picked up her life and moved on. Frustrating as it was, she’d tried to block off his face and concentrate, which had seemed the most difficult. She’d resigned to fate and took each day as it came still longing for his call in the deepest part of her heart.


He had left Nelly’s house after one week back to his own, much to her disapproval. He knew that she wasn’t happy but it wasn’t about what made her happy; he’d involved her enough, much more than he should have. Her safety still mattered a lot to him. To cap it all, it wasn’t rocket science knowing that she was seeing someone which seemed serious. And he didn’t need her to tell him that it was the young Doctor that treated him, who had also visited twice in the week. He’d seen the connection between them, the stares and the whispers behind the door. It was just safe to leave them be.

He’d recovered enough and was on the trail of his new lead. He had deliberately stayed away from contacting Claire till he had something substantial.

For one week he’d followed the new lead trailing his movement. Everything had seemed normal till he followed him to a particular location which seemed to ring a bell in his head.

He thought hard as he sat at the café which overlooked where the suspect parked with his pocket camera at hand. As his mind worked, he saw him through the glass as he fixed a scrambler to his phone and made a call.

Buuummm!! It struck him. That particular location had been where Kunle traced the origination of a call to. Placing the camera on point, he took some shot before putting it away and taking a sip from the can of energy drink before him.

Not long after he took the first shoot that another car pulled up behind that of the suspect. A man in his early forties stepped out from the vehicle and headed toward the suspect’s car looking around suspiciously. He took some quick shots before the man got into the car. As he got into the car, the glasses suddenly went blur making it difficult for him to see what was going on inside the vehicle.

Suspicious as it seemed, as the glasses became blur, the driver stepped out from the vehicle leaving the two men inside. That gave him all he needed to know that something was definitely fishy.

Thirty minutes later, the second man stepped out from the car as the driver went back in and drove off. Walking out from the café, he walked as fast as he could to his car and waited for the new guy to drive off before trailing him. He wanted to know more about him.

To Be Continued…

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