Must Read: FATE (16+)… Part 40


A Story written by Purityval
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He followed him to his house and surveyed around before heading home. On his way, he stopped by a photo studio owned by a friend of his and printed the pictures. He also made extra copies before heading home to rest.

In the comfort of his sitting room with the pictures spread on the table before him, he thought of his next line of action. To make things clear enough, he needed to talk to Claire and see if there is something she knows.


He has been worried sick about Claire. Since after the incident, she has been withdrawn and talked less. He suspects that she knows something but was keeping it away from him. She had asked him some questions which only suggested that she suspects something and that her trust in him was waning, and that trust, he needed back.

He has hired someone to keep an eye on her but, the reports he got haven’t been convincing enough; he still suspect something from her cold behavior. Could she be talking to him? He thought. Picking up his phone from the table, he dialed a number.

“I want you to tap on a number and connect me to every call that goes in and out of it.” He said as the line connected.

“Ok, this is it, 0814…….. I need to be part of every call that enters or leaves that line.” He said authoritatively.

“Ok, I will have it wired to your account.” He concluded before dropping the call.

He can’t afford anything to go out of plan at that crucial moment.


She has moved on and going about her normal business not waiting for a call from him anymore. Though he still occupied the greater part of her mind, but of what use is it if he is never going to call again. She doesn’t even know if he was still alive or probably if something had gone wrong with him. She’d stopped beating herself up and took the day as it came.

On the other hand, there seemed to be a developing cold rift between her and Bob. She knows she can be difficult sometimes but would that help her? Bob is like her backbone, though, after the last incident, she’d started having doubts but she still needed him so much to go silent on him.

That morning as she woke up, she’d decided to breach the developing gap between them. Picking her phone, she’d put a call through to him. After they talked for a while, they scheduled lunch before she hung up; that had given her so much relief.

As they sat over lunch that afternoon, she’d apologized for her cold attitude since the incident. He’d waved it off, taking responsibility for everything that happened that day, she saw reasons after he explained and blamed herself for keeping her distance from him; if only she knew what was behind the apologies.

To Be Continued…

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