Must Read: FATE (16+)… Part 41


A Story written by Purityval
(0703440 1770,

She had perfectly avoided bringing anything that had happened between herself and the guy. She’d denied being told anything or even been able to recognize him again. She went ahead to suggest that he might have died from the bullet wound as he hasn’t contacted her again.

It was like they reconnected as they exited lunch. Claire wanted to make some personal shopping so she headed off to the mall while Bob drove out, heading to another direction.


Sly watched as they exited from the eatery driving off to different directions. He decided that it was a perfect opportunity he needed to talk to Claire, though he didn’t know the direction she was headed. As Claire drove off, he waited to know if he could notice any stalker and truly, to his thought there was one. As the guy drove by, he waited for some seconds before following them both keeping an unsuspecting distance.

They drove for a distance before Claire took a turn heading towards the popular shopping mall. Expecting the supposed stalker to also make a turning, he switched his pointer to the same turning but was surprised when the he drove ahead. As he took the turn, he cleared off the road and stepped down walking back to see if the guy had picked him and decided to play with his mind. He waited for some minutes before going back to the car and driving off to the mall.

He watched as she picked items and dropping them into the cart which she rolled freely. He had waited outside the mall expecting the stalker to make an entry or for any suspicious movement but everything seemed normal as everybody walked about their business. He’d walked into the mall picking a cart on his way.

He picked some personal toiletries before heading towards the wine section where Claire stood checking out some wine collections. He picked some bottles of red wine edging closer to the girl who shopped unconcerned. Closer enough he said to her,

“Hi, don’t look back and don’t look at me just listen.”

From the corner of his eyes, he saw as she froze before comporting herself. As he watched her reaction, he scanned through the drinks waiting to have her attention. Not looking back was achieved but looking at him wasn’t. She’d held out a bottle of wine as if making an enquiry from him and asked’

“What happened to you, are you ok?”

Ignoring her question he retorted asking the same question,

“How are you?” How it came out from his mouth he couldn’t tell. He’d wanted to shun everything personal but seeing that look as she asked after his wellbeing had got him resettled. He recovered himself before she could give an answer and continued.

“Whoever wants you dead is deep into you and knows so much, so, I need you to keep whatever I tell you to yourself. Do you understand?” he looked as she nodded with her eyes still at the counter.

“I will drop a parcel on your cart and we will see tomorrow at St Agnes Church, 4pm.” He said. Walking around her, he dropped an envelope containing the pictures before walking off. As he walked, he heard her call behind him but kept walking away without turning.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 11, 2016 — 10:44 pm

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