Must Read: FATE (16+)… Part 45


A Story written by Purityval
(0703440 1770,

“Welcome ma.” Salim greeted standing a little away from the car as she stepped down.

“Salim, how are you?” she asked flashing him a smile.

“I am fine ma, welcome ma.” He replied bowing slightly with a sheepish smile which covered his face.

Salim had doubled as the gate keeper and the security of the house after the death of Anthony. Looking around the large compound, she was happy and satisfied to find everywhere tidy and kept. The flowers where trimmed perfectly, she observed, as her eyes settled on the flowers at the side before the pool which spelt her name.

Letting out a deep sigh snapping from her thoughts she walked to the entrance of the house. She felt lonely and like a stranger. Walking stiffly up the stairs, she punched in her codes at the door and pushed it open.

As the door opened to the general sitting room which had all the furniture and electronics in it covered with a white satin sheet, she let out another deep sigh.” Game time,” she muttered dragging her steps into the house. She walked quietly making her way towards her late father’s study.

She stood shocked at the entrance to thestudy as she took in the sight before her. The study had been turned upside down. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Who could have gained access to the house and to her father’s study? Apart from herself, Bob was the only person who has a pass code to the main entrance.

Making her way to the shelf through the littered books on the floor, she tapped the unnoticeable knob and the shelf automatically opened up to the safe box. She keyed in the code and the box produced a clicked and hummed before it opened. No doubt, she picked her tidiness from her father. Picking out the neatly arranged files, she went through each of them carefully.

Her hand shook as she held the three envelops marked with triple X with different dates. Arranging the other files back, she locked the box and tapped on the knob again and the shelves closed up. She walked through the books again and left the study.

As she got out from the study as was about rushing out, something came to her mind. Turning, she headed up the stairs. Getting to the room which served as the control room, she punched in her passcode and pushed the door. Walking towards the three live monitor screens which displayed sections of the house in patches, she tapped a button on the keyboard and the recorder ejected three CD’s. She labeled the CD’s before packing them into the file. Pulling the drawer, she picked new CD’s and fed them to the recorder before exiting the room.

“Salim.” She called as she came out from the house.

“Yes ma.” Salim answered running out from his quarters.

“Has anybody been here recently?” she asked holding his gaze.

“Yes ma, the other Oga done come,” he stopped and thought and continued. “Em don come like three times.”

“Ok, thank you. Open the gate.” With that she entered her car as Salim rushed to open the gates.


“Oga, madam just comot now now from house.” Salim said into the phone.

“No….Yes, she carry one small file like that.”

“No sir.”

“Yes sir.”

“Ok sir.” He concluded and dropped the call.


To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 13, 2016 — 7:15 pm

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