A Story written by Purityval
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He couldn’t believe his eyes. On the table were two different copies of Late Mr. William’s will with different contents. Taking out his phone, he took shots of the copies before exiting the study.


He had stationed himself outside Gerald’s apartment since morning waiting for him to leave. He was getting tired of waiting as it seemed Gerald wasn’t going to leave the building for the day. He was already making up his mind to leave when he saw the gate open and Gerald drove out locking the gate outside before driving away. That had indicated to Sly that he lived alone and had giving him every opportunity he needed to access the building.

The building; a duplex surrounded by other buildings. He surveyed the surrounding before making his way through the back into the building. B&E (breaking and entering) and bypassing security was something he was perfect with as he didn’t find it difficult gaining access into the building. He located his study where he met the documents on the table.

Scaling the fence, he landed outside the building from where he’d jumped in. As he straightened up, he noticed a sudden movement behind a window on the neighboring building. Hurrying his steps, he walked back to his car and drove off. As he was about driving out from the street, he saw Gerald’s car speeding down, taking a sharp bend into the street.


To Be Continued…

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