A Story written by Purityval
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Things had suddenly started deviating from the original plan. Cursing silently, he pressed down on the start button as the car came to life.

He had called Gerald for a meeting to discuss the way forward but half way, he’d called back cancelling the meeting claiming that his house has been burgled. He knows that if anything incriminating was found in Gerald’s apartment that connects them together that it was going to be the end of their plan. Holding tight to the staring wheel, he cursed out loud stepping down on the accelerator.

Easing the car into the garage as he got home, he stepped out just as his phone started ringing.

“What happened?” he asked taking the call.

“Was anything taken?” he repeated

“Oh! Thank God.” He said heaving a big sigh.

“Yes we have to speed up action. I just got a confirmation that she left the main house with a file and might be on her way to meet with the guy.”

“Yes, order the hit.” He concluded before walking into his house.

To Be Continued…

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